Board of Trustees - September 2017

Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 06 September 2017

September has been a busy month and a good precursor of what awaits me for the rest of my Presidential term!
It all started on the 6th with the chairing of my First Board of Trustees meeting. It was a full day of discussion and consideration of a multitude of very important matters. Until I had joined Council many years ago (which led to me joining the Board some time later) I really had no idea what this "Board of Trustees" was all about! Who are these Trustees? What is their function and what is it that they consider at their bimonthly meetings?
Well, I now have a very good idea - and having to Chair made me appreciate how much work goes into the preparation of these meetings and how significant each and every decision is.
So, this time round we discussed:
the performance of our four Strategic Boards;
our newly launched international strategy;
the Institution's finances (which I'm pleased to say are sound and healthy);
our response to the General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR);
project Alpha (which will make us much more efficient through the introduction of a new computer system)
And much more.......
My thanks to my fellow Trustees for their contributions during a very busy day and my thanks also to the executive for the hard work they put into the preparation of all the papers which made the day run efficiently and (thanks to some very good chairing) on time! Special thanks to Peter Connolly for his mentoring and for our "rehearsals" before the meeting itself.


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Did you know…

Thirty years ago the London Docklands were a desolate place. Today we have a mini-city with 16m sq ft of offices and 1m sq ft of shops, employing more than 120,000 people, almost as many as the population of Cambridge and 50% more than the financial centre of Frankfurt.
How was this achieved? In addition to collaboration and political will, it's  all about the power of transport!
London Docklands is now connected with the DLR, the Jubilee line, Thameslink, Network Rail's overground network, Crossrail, HS1 and London City airport.
So, if Canary Wharf is the heart of the Docklands, transport constitutes the arteries and veins that link it to the rest of the world.
Source: Sir George Iacobescu, chairman and CEO of Canary Wharf Group.