Council day

Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 20 September 2017

Before Council there was a short meeting for half an hour to welcome the new Council members. This year we have had more than 10 new members on Council and we look forward to some fresh ideas and strong contributions from them.
The Council meeting itself that took place in the afternoon was busy and lively. It covered several items including:
a report from our CEO, Sue Percy, on CIHT highlights 
an update on the work of the Board of Trustees
agreement on nominations for the Certificate of Merit and
a briefing on the Institution's finances
There was also a presentation by Richard Ward-Jones of Amey and Gary Raccuja who was this year's winner of the Wolfson Economic Prize. Gary's theme of "Miles better: simple and fair charging" considered how we can pay for better, safer and more reliable roads in a way that is fair to road users and good for the economy as well as the environment. This prompted a lively debate amongst Council members. 
It is highly significant and an illustration of the strong place that CIHT holds in the field of innovation that, Stelios Rodoulis, part of the Volterra Partners and Jacobs project which was also a finalist in the Wolfson Economic Prize, is one of our new Council members and he was therefore amongst the audience!


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Did you know…

Eddington is the University of Cambridge’s ‘’exemplary sustainable community’’ on the NW edge of the city. When fully developed by 2027, it will provide 3,000 homes and 2,000 student bedrooms.
The greenest aspect of Eddington is that car travel(and even owning a car) is strongly discouraged. Every new resident has a meeting with a travel planner who advises on alternatives to driving.
There is only one parking space for every four or five flats reserved for university staff, who will occupy half the 3,000 homes. Renting a parking space costs £85/month and only a handful of the first hundred residents have so far bought a car.
Even the luxury homes have no driveways and visitors arriving by car will have to pay for parking if they stay more than 90 minutes. A total of 12,000 bike spaces will be provided for a development of 8,500 residents.
Source: The Times, SEPT 2017