Learning from the past, preparing for the future

Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 14 July 2017

I was honoured to be part of a one-day conference at University College London which celebrated 50 years of Transport Planning at the University. My presentation on our work for CIHT Futures, which had been led by Prof Glenn Lyons during the previous year, was well received - even though I felt a little intimidated to be presenting after Professor Richard Allsop who had been my tutor at the University nearly 35 years ago!
UCL Transport Planning event

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Did you know…

Last month the city of San Francisco introduced harsh rules that have all but outlawed delivery robots. Such robots are beginning to be used  by food and logistics companies but authorities say they are a danger to pedestrians.
The rules specify that there can only be nine robots running at any one time in the entire city; they are to be restricted to desolate, low-footfall areas; they will require a human chaperone; and they can travel no faster than 3mph -the walking pace of an average adult.