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The Hong Kong Group inception dates back to October 1984 in response to the wish of some 150 members who were engaged in highway projects in Hong Kong. Some of these members were local residents whilst others were expatriates.
CIHT Hong Kong's activities were organized by a group of enthusiastic members who formed the groups Committee. Mr David Butler was the first Chair and the rest of the Committee consisted of Vice-Chair, Hon. Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Assistant Hon Secretary, Recruitment Officer, five Elected Members and Ex officio immediate Past Chair. In addition, the Committee meetings were also attended by an IHT Representative in Hong Kong and a Highways and Transportation Technicians Association (HTTA) delegate. Mr. H C Beaton was the IHT Representative for sometimes until 1989 when he retired. Around 1993, the HTTA delegate ceased to join the Committee.
The activities organized by CIHT Hong Kong in the early years were not much different from today and consisted of site visits to major projects and monthly technical seminars on both local and overseas projects.
A large number of members have made major contributions to the group when serving as Members or Office Bearer of the Committee. It is difficult to present a full list of these members who deserved all honours. Instead, the list of members who have served as Chair (below) will help to chart the history.
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1984 - 1986 David Butler
1986 - 1987 H S Kwong
1987 - 1988 C C Calton
1988 - 1989 A A Bowley
1989 - 1990 K K Tang
1990 - 1991 Don Mackenzie
1991 - 1992 John Hui
1992 - 1993 Ron Rakusen
1993 - 1994 Andrew H C Pang
1994 - 1995 Ian Thoms
1995 - 1996 Alan Y L Wan
1996 - 1997 George Tedbury
1997 - 1998 C K Lau
1998 - 1999 Albert C H Cheung
1999 - 2000 Reuben P K Chu
2000 - 2001 Albert Cheng
2001 - 2002 Edward Chan
2002 - 2003 Mark Cheung
2003 - 2004 K W Lee
2004 - 2005 Kenneth K H Lau
2005 - 2006 Eric K L Chan
2006 - 2007 Leo K K Leung
2007 - 2008 Philco N K Wong
2008 - 2009 Thomas Y K Tam
2009 - 2010 Eric S C Ma
2010 - 2011 Kennedy Cheung
2011 - 2012 Collin Chan
2012 - 2013 Ir Prof. S C Wong
2013 - 2014 C C Hau
2014 - 2015 Johnason KO
2015 - 2016 Alan TAM
2016 - 2017 Alan S L Low
2017 - 2018 Kenneth Lai
CIHT Hong Kong is one of 3 CIHT International Groups. The other groups are the Malaysian Committee and the Republic of Ireland Committee. The Hong Kong group is a learned society in Hong Kong founded in 1985. It takes a keen interest in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of sustainable transport systems and infrastructure. It aims to provide a forum for the exchange of technical information and views on highways and transport policy; to provide specialist advice to government and other bodies; to make roads safer for the travelling public; and to encourage training and professional development to meet today's requirements.