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Branch History

As part of a restructure within CIHT, the Northern Branch became part of the North East & Cumbria region in 2015. These pages relate to the branch that existed up until 2015. The Northern Branch, formed in 1958, is an integral part of the Institution of Highways and Transportation providing local focus for members living and working in Cumbria. It was the smallest branch of the Institution, with 122 members at 15 January 06.
The branch aimed to promote the exchange of knowledge, improve policy formulation, stimulate debate on transportation issues, recognise individual competence and encourage best practice in the industry.
The Northern Branch promoted the aims and objectives of the Institution through energetic involvement of it’s members. It provided support for the local membership through internal network, membership accreditation and development opportunities.
Its heyday was probably during the period of the design and construction of the M6 motorway which changed north/south transport links dramatically. This and the improvements to the A66 enabled the Lake District to become the easily accessible place it is today, as well as providing a northern access to West Cumbria to the economic benefit of the community.
Local Links
Our members were mainly employed by local highways contractors both large and small, as well as by local authorities and by private sector consultants. This broad base gave links to all those involved in highways and transportation including decision-making politicians. We were very much aware of the need to involve all interested parties and each year we held an event which raised the profile of the Institution.