Scottish Policy Forum

During 2014, the North of Scotland and Central & Southern Scotland branches revived the Scottish Policy Forum (SPF).  This member-led initiative, supported by CIHT officers from Britannia Walk, agreed that its purpose combined a number of inter-related strands of relevance to the specific geography and transport network of Scotland.
SPF would ensure relevant transport technical and policy issues are brought to the attention of CIHT members across Scotland and would produce timely responses to the Scottish Government on public consultations.  It will develop policy and technical updates for members with a specific Scottish context and generally provide a platform for greater stakeholder engagement in the new CIHT Scotland.
The SPF is part of CIHT Scotland and sits under the auspices of the CIHT Learned Society & Technical Board (LSTB).  It will have input from CIHT’s Britannia Walk officers,  WRA and UKRLG.  It will seek to meet (and influence) key figures in government as appropriate.  An early meeting was secured with the then Treasury Secretary and Chair of Cabinet Infrastructure Committee, the Rt Hon Danny Alexander MP in October 2014.
The forum contiunes to expand with additional resource and specialist expertise. A list of the current forum members can be viewed here.
The SPF has already sought early engagement with the Scottish membership by conducting an electronic survey of topical issues and will report on that shortly.

Latest SPF Responses and Position Statements

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CIHT responds to Transport Scotland Consultation on Rail Infrastructure Strategy from 2019

To see all of the SPF responses please visit the archive.