CIHT / Tarmac Health and Safety at Work Award


mental health mattersmental health mattersCentral to the Jacobs’ way of working is the intense focus and commitment to Health, Safety and Welfare, both in safety by design and in behaviours.
BeyondZero® is the Jacobs behavioural safety programme about making safety a personal value at the workplace, home and community. Promotion of mental health is a natural extension of the BeyondZero® culture, helping staff understand, protect and sustain their mental wellbeing.  
Inspired by BeyondZero® principles, Jacobs has put in place the ‘mental health matters’ strategy, focussed on promoting positive mental health across the business, staff and their families. It delivers a support network which enables early intervention for staff who may be suffering symptoms before they lead to diagnosable illness and ultimately lead to absenteeism reduction. The Strategy recognises that mental illness is a reality in all working environments and aims for a healthier, more focussed workforce, with improved team cohesion and productivity, leading to improved wellbeing, project performance and staff retention.  
Since Strategy inception, Jacobs has created a network of 150+ Positive Mental Health Champions in the UK & Ireland and trained 50 staff from client organisations. The training for the Champions has been developed internally and is based on international best practice.
Judges' Comments
"The judges were impressed by the comprehensive way Jacobs are approaching this sensitive issue. Considering/recognising mental health issues in the profession has often been overlooked, not always easily quantified and the work being carried out to implement this programme is to be applauded.  Working with MIND to develop the strategy and training has ensured that the programme is evidence based and targeted to the individuals who are most at risk.  The network of more than 150 Positive Mental Health champions was viewed as being particularly important to the success of the initiative and the judges believe that once this initiative is fully embedded it should be cascaded across the sector as best practice."

Highly Commended

Kier and Chevron Traffic Management Ltd
Traffic Management Training VideosOver the last five years the way in which traffic management is designed and deployed has changed at an unprecedented rate, unfortunately the training and communication of those changes has not been as fast. 
Highways England, TRL, RoWSaF and service providers such as Kier and the supply chain have helped develop and deliver seven new interim advice notifications as well as absorbing other sources of guidance such as the HTMA guidance documents, HSE guidance notes and Chapter 8 design manual changes in 2009. 
However, the UK’s leading traffic management training provider is still teaching candidates using techniques which are not in line with current industry standards and the rate at which the changes are occurring is simply not giving enough time to disseminate the information to the workforce. 
Kier and Chevron Traffic Management identified both a gap and opportunity in operative training and – following engagement with our combined workforce and research into best practice teaching and training techniques – produced a series of ‘how to’ short training films showcasing a number of different traffic management scenarios.
Judges' Comments
"The research and planning within this project identified the importance of recognising individual learning styles. The solution is practical with wider implementation potential and cost effective.  The videos will influence the working behaviours of 9,200 workers for Highways England and can be used elsewhere."


Kier, Highways England and the Area 9 Delivery Community
Area 9 Collaborative Safe Working ProgrammeKier’s Area 9 Asset Support Contract (ASC) commenced on 01 July 2014, taking on 500+ staff from the previous provider. This provided many new challenges. Initially, the contract had several minor accidents followed by a year of erratic safety performance at an unacceptable level both for Kier and Highways England. Several safety initiatives were rolled out each having only minor impacts. It was clear a new approach was required, and that success could only be achieved collaboratively. 
Kier established a Safety Communications Strategy outlining the key messages, reinvigorated the joint monthly Health & Safety Steering Group and launched a weekly contract safety communication: the Monday Message.  In addition, through our Area 9 Delivery Community, Kier shared strategic safety messages and topical issues with the Senior Executives responsible for each of our BS11000 accredited organisations. This was bolstered by a H&S Joint Improvement Team with a focus on quarterly task-and-finish improvements to H&S that benefit all members.  This was supported by a programme of Behaviour Consultant Training. The Network Board established a Combined Area 9 Accident Frequency Rate to maintain collaborative focus. In June 2016 they hosted their annual interactive Health, Safety & Environment Week for 500+ visitors; staff, stakeholders, local schoolchildren and Highways England colleagues.
Judges' Comments
"The collaborative approach and the high intensive training, empowering employees to take an interactive approach to safety, impressed the judges.  The planning and integration of the business strategy, network board, key messages, safety videos and further communications have all led to a clear reduction in AFR in the year."