Regional Photo Competition 2017

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 CIHT Regional Photo competition.

First place

Christopher Hudson, North West Region
North West - Christopher Hudson
Blackpool Promenade – A view from the tower
Blackpool Promenade, a fine example of sustainable urban regeneration and integrated transport in the North West.  
A 19/20th Century, Victorian built promenade and sea defence successfully transformed into a 21st Century street-scape bringing social, environmental and economic benefits to Blackpool.
A collaborative success for Town Planners, Landscape Architects, Transportation Specialists & Civil Engineers.
The promenades inclusive design limits access to no-one: pedestrians, cars, buses, trams.  It is ‘accessible’ to people with mobility difficulties.  It offers a traffic free cycle route (SUSTRANS 62). 
In 2017 circa 955,000 people set foot on the promenade, 4.4 million people travelled on the tram network. 

Second place

John Robertson, Scotland 
Scotland - John Robertson
The Tay Rail Bridge
The Tay Rail Bridge is an iconic landmark in Scotland, and has stood for 130 years.  Built to replace the original, following a tragic disaster in 1879, the stumps of the first bridge run in parallel across the Tay, hidden in the shadows in this photograph.  Built of steel, iron, concrete and bricks the bridge crosses the River Tay estuary and was recently refurbished by Network Rail.

Third place

Sebastian Reid, Yorkshire and the Humber Region
Yorkshire and the Humber - Sebastian Reid
Alternative ways to transit the Bingley Five Rise Locks
At 243 years old, the Bingley Five Rise Locks, once a major thoroughfare for goods between Yorkshire and Lancashire, continue their function allowing generations of leisure travellers passage along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and providing walkers, cyclists… and canoeists, an inspiring insight into the world of engineering. With a rise of 18m, the Bingley Five Rise Locks are the steepest flight of locks in the UK.