Bad weather prompts pothole spike

March 14 2018  

Bad weather prompts pothole spike
Fresh concern has been raised over the poor state of the local road network following recent bad weather and freezing conditions in the UK which have led to a reported spike in the number of potholes.
Breakdown recovery firm the RAC responded to an average of 218 call outs a day for pothole related incidents during a three day period last week – more than double the average for the previous month.
“While the snow caused serious short term travel disruption, motorists will sadly be suffering its consequences for months and possibly years to come,” said spokesman Simon Williams.
“Unfortunately, Siberian weather was the last thing our roads needed as the freezing conditions wreak havoc with any road surface that is in bad repair. We fear that this spring we may see the emergence of almost as many potholes as daffodils.”
The Road Haulage Association chief executive Richard Burnett added: “While there’s not much anyone can do about the weather, the Government and local authorities can do a lot more to bring the network up to standard so that when we do have a freeze the roads aren’t full of cracks waiting to turn into dangerous potholes that can cause collisions.”
The Local Government Association’s transport spokesman Martin Tett responded: “Councils are fixing a pothole every 19 seconds despite funding pressures. They want to do more but are trapped in an endless cycle of patching up our deteriorating network.
“Only long term and consistent investment in local road maintenance can allow councils to embark on the widespread improvement of our roads that is desperately needed.” He added: “It is wrong that funding for local roads is miles behind that of the strategic road network.”
Road Surface Treatments Association chief executive Howard Robinson urged Government to provide “real levels of assured funding” for local road maintenance.
The RAC added that ring fencing 5p a litre from fuel duty revenue over five years would address the maintenance backlog by raising almost £12Bn.
(Photo: Alastair Lloyd)

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