CIHT Makes Election Call

April 19 2017  

CIHT Makes Election Call

As the UK government confirms there will be a general election on June 8, CIHT will be issuing a series of calls of any future administration.

Daniel Isichei, Director of Communications, CIHT said:

"CIHT call for any new government to substantially invest in infrastructure and to recognise the importance of transportation to the UKs economic development both nationally and throughout the regions. We will also continue to highlight the important role transportation professionals play in the development of this economy and the need to ensure we have the required skills to deliver on any infrastructure investment."

Similarly, we will be calling for a future government to recognise transport infrastructure as an enabler of industry, business, housing and the success of the wider economy. Certainty of funding and investment is fundamental, so the on-going development of an industrial and housing strategies remains key."

CIHT will be issuing further briefs and announcements over the next few months.


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