Fully autonomous driving "by 2022"

May 17 2017   | Region: Cymru Wales, East Midlands, East of England, London, North East & Cumbria, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, South East, South West, West Midlands, Yorkshire & the Humber

Fully autonomous driving

Advances in technology could allow vehicles capable of fully autonomous driving to start appearing on public roads within five years according to a new report by business consultant Frost & Sullivan.

The report predicts that automotive ‘original equipment manufacturers’ will continue to refine the use of artificial intelligence and cloud based technology solutions to enable level five autonomous driving by 2022.

Level five autonomous vehicles can be defined as those that require no human intervention to operate.

It is also expected that shared mobility systems using so called ‘robot taxis’ will be introduced commercially by as early as 2020 while level three automation – where a human driver takes over in an emergency – could be available from 2018.

“The journey from human operated to completely autonomous cars is a progression, and pioneering semi-automated vehicles will be an important milestone toward achieving level five automated vehicles,” commented Frost & Sullivan mobility senior analyst Anirudh Venkitaraman.

However the report also notes that concerns surrounding legislation, system reliability issues and incompatible infrastructure may limit the opportunities for companies looking into automated driving.

The research also found that the adoption of vehicles with automated driving features doubled last year and predicts that the global autonomous driving market will be worth $83Bn (£64Bn) by 2025.

In the year ahead demand for autonomous vehicle technology including high definition 3D mapping systems, artificial intelligence software and vision sensors is expected while investment in start up firms by bigger companies will increase.

A feature detailing current progress to develop autonomous vehicles in the UK is included in the new May issue of Transportation Professional.

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