Honorary Fellowship

Award of Honorary Fellowship

CIHT awards a small number of Honorary Fellowships which are important in raising the profile of both the profession and CIHT.  Members are invited to forward suggestions to their Council member or submit comments to peter.connolly@ciht.org.uk.

Scope and Process
The Institution’s Royal Charter gives authority to Council to award Honorary Fellowships as follows.

'Honorary Fellows; The grant of Honorary Fellowship shall be conferred on such persons of eminence or distinction who are not members as the Council shall in their absolute discretion think fit'

Honorary Fellowship is the Institution’s most senior grade of Membership – and not to be confused with Honorary Life Membership.  An Honorary Fellow (as opposed to a prize winner) should be prepared to contribute to the work of CIHT – because of status accruing to the Institution from association with their name, or by practical help.

The induction of a steady stream of new Honorary Fellows (one per year) would be a useful ‘profile raiser’ for the profession and would enable numbers of active, younger Honorary Fellows to be increased.  Accordingly Council will be asked annually each Spring to provide nominations meeting the following criteria for consideration by the Honours Group.  The Honours Group will make any final nomination to the summer meeting of Council for agreement.

The Key Nomination Criteria are that potential recipients should be:

  • Of national or, preferably, international importance within highways and transportation
  • Their status should be considered to be 'long lasting' – ie even after their retirement or (possibly) death, their name should have some resonance
  • Capable and willing to make a personal contribution to promoting the work of CIHT and actively supporting CIHT events 

Note that

  • The award will only be made if the candidate has an exceptional record and has made an outstanding contribution to highways and transportation
  • The candidate will be expected to play an active role in CIHT business.

In making nominations Members may consider:- 
Will a significant proportion of the membership of CIHT immediately recognise the names of its Honorary Fellows and understand, without explanation, why they received the Honour?
Will the industry remember the Honorary Fellow after he/she has retired or died?
Will association of the name of the Honorary Fellow with CIHT bring benefit (status by association) to CIHT (either in UK or overseas)?
Will the recipient of Honorary Fellowship understand and appreciate the honour being bestowed?

Supporting Information
Among those that might be considered as potential Honorary Fellows are:
Senior business figures – who have innovated, or otherwise significantly changed the way the industry or business, operates, or have taken the lead and become identified with a project of national or international importance. Academics - who have developed new approaches in the industry.
Politicians - who by virtue of their position, have made an exceptional and lasting contribution to the industry, or the environment in which CIHT operates.

To see the full list of who has been awarded the Institution’s Honorary Fellowship see here: