How to join

How to join

How to join CIHT

Becoming a member of CIHT is a simple process and is all explained in our easy to read Membership Booklet.
Firstly you will need to determine the level of membership that you wish to apply for. These are explained in more detail here. If you are unsure of what membership grade you are eligible for simply get in touch.
Once you have determined what membership grade you are applying for you will need to fill in one of our application forms listed below:

Application check list (required for Associate, Member and Fellow grades)

Along with your application form, you will need to submit:
1. A current CV - including your current appointment, positions held and time in each post.
2. An organisation chart (for Fellow applications only) - showing your current role highlighted.
3. Certified copies of educational certificates - signed by your Proposer or Seconder as true copies of the original.
4. Payment details for CIHT annual subscription fee.
Please ensure that your supporting documents (CV and certificates) are validated with your Proposer’s or Seconder’s signature. If you have any difficulty finding a Proposer and/or Seconder click here for some tips or contact our Membership Team.

Sending your application to CIHT

Please complete and return your Membership or Fellow Application Form and supporting information to us at Or you can post to us at: The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation, 119 Britannia Walk, London, N1 7JE.

If you are opting to pay your subscription fee by Direct Debit, please complete and return a hard copy to us – we need an inked hard copy to send on to your Bank or Building Society. 

Once you have sent in your application

Your application will be acknowledged within three working days and you will be notified of the results of your application within four to six weeks.
If you have not heard from us and sent in your application more than six weeks ago, then please contact us to check the status of your application.