Associate Member

Associate Members (AMCIHT) are people working in the industry with some proven ability and/or experience.

Maybe you are a person just starting out in the industry who is recently qualified, or someone with some years of experience, but without relevant qualifications.

Apply to become an Associate Member if you:
  • are a new entrant to the industry and hold a BTEC Higher National Certificate or Diploma or a Foundation Degree in a relevant subject
  • have completed an Advanced Apprenticeship
  • hold a BTEC National Certificate or Diploma in a relevant subject and have worked in the industry for at least one year
  • have worked in the industry for three years (an interview may be required)
No person may be admitted as an Associate Member if they are eligible for a higher membership grade. Associate Members should transfer to a higher membership grade as soon as they become eligible.
For more information take a look at our Membership booklet found in the Related Documents (right hand side).