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Congratulations, on successfully completing your degree. Have you thought about the next steps? If you are thinking of a career in the highways and transportation sector, CIHT can help.

Working within the highways and transportation sector gives you a variety of choices, from transforming environments, to forming government policy. CIHT members come from a wide range of professional backgrounds related to the building, maintenance, operation, design and planning of transportation networks.

Make a difference to your career, your society and your industry, with CIHT Graduate Membership (GradCIHT).  CIHT is the leading membership organisation for people who work in the highways & transportation sector with over 14,000 members in 85 countries worldwide.

Who is this Graduate membership for?
If you are just starting out in your career in Highways and Transportation, CIHT’s Graduate membership is tailored just for you. We know that this a pivotal time in your career and we are here to support you. There are skills and knowledge that you will need to develop to accelerate your career and CIHT can support you every step of the way – to find out more click here to look at our careers section.

The skills, knowledge and experience that you will need in order to gain professional qualifications with CIHT are set out in our candidate guidance notes, which you can find here:

Graduate Membership online application form

  1. To be eligible for Graduate membership, you must have graduated within the last 18 months, hold a UK degree (or equivalent), and be employed, or actively seeking employment, in the Highways and Transportation sector.
  2. Please complete all of the fields in our on-line application form and send us a copy of your degree certificate. Once you have submitted your application for Graduate membership, you will need to arrange payment of the annual subscription fee to activate your membership – Please send a completed Direct Debit form to our freepost address: FREEPOST RSHT-CCBB-TESJ, Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation, 119 Britannia Walk, London N1 7JE.
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  10. The Proposer must be the person directly responsible for your study / training (e.g. Course Leader/Training Officer/Line Manager), and does not need to be a member of CIHT.

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  15. 4. Important undertaking to be agreed by applicant
  16. If elected I undertake to abide by the Charter and Byelaws of the Institution, and to promote its objectives to the best of my ability. I agree to comply with the Institution's requirements for Continuing Professional Development. I further declare that the information I have provided is, in every respect, complete and accurate.

  18. Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998
  19. The information you provide in this form is required to enable the CIHT and its regions to communicate with members, and to fulfil the requirements of CIHT’s Charter and Byelaws of Association. CIHT is required by the DPA to ensure that such data is accurate and up to date and you are requested to inform the Institution of any changes. We use the information you provide about yourself to fulfil your requests, queries, updates and orders. We do not share this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete your requests. Full details on how CIHT uses its data are available at Once you have been elected, you will be able to edit your contact details and preferences via the members section at Authorisation: I give my permission for CIHT to hold the information provided in this form on its membership database and use it to communicate with me regarding relevant services. I agree to inform CIHT of any changes to this information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998

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  22. CIHT monitors its policies and practices to ensure that they remain free from any form of direct or indirect discrimination. To help us in this monitoring process, please complete the following section. This information will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be available to anyone outside CIHT.
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