Code of Conduct

CIHT's Code of Professional Conduct gives details of the rules of professional conduct which govern the ethical behaviour of all members, irrespective of their grade.
The Code of Conduct covers the areas of competence, conduct and professionalism in members' duties to employers and clients, and to the profession and the Institution. It also details members' obligations to safeguard the public interest. Any allegation of a breach of the Code is investigated by the Professional Conduct Panel and appropriate action taken under CIHT's disciplinary procedure.


A complaint against a member of the Institution should be made on the Complaint Pro Forma and submitted to the Chief Executive. CIHT will not normally proceed with a complaint if legal action is pending which might have an outcome on the investigation or investigate a complaint relating to a member which is alleged to have occurred more than two years prior to the date of the complaint.
CIHT's Code of Conduct, Complaint Pro Form and Disciplinary Procedure can all be downloaded from the Related Documents on the right hand side.