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Cycle Audit and Cycle Review (1996)

June 10 1996

One of the primary objectives of the National Cycling Strategy (NCS), which was published in 1996 and supported by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, is to encourage and enable planning and highway authorities to create a cycle-friendly road network, supplemented by cycle routes, which enables people to reach destinations safely and conveniently by cycle. These guidelines launched on 8 October 1998 by Glenda Jackson CBE, Minister for Local Transport, will help local authorities to provide better facilities for cyclists.

An important step towards achieving this is for all highway authorities to adopt cycle audit procedures. The NCS recommended that cycle audit procedures should be adopted by all highway authorities and stated that these procedures "will ensure that opportunities are not missed to enhance cycling conditions, and help avoid inadvertently making them worse".

Cycle audits are analogous to safety audits insofar as both involve regimes for ensuring that particular issues or interests are fully considered in the planning and design process. However, CARs go one step further by also examining existing highway networks.

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Cycle Audit and Cycle Review  (1996)