World Road Association seeks new members

December 14 2016  

Technically minded professionals keen to represent the United Kingdom on the international stage and develop best practice for highways are sought to become committee members of the World Road Association.

There are three vacancies; covering economics and social development, risk management and co-ordination between national and sub national authorities.

WRA UK secretariat Justin Ward encouraged skilled people to put themselves forward. "There is a richness in working with experts from across the world," he said. "I have seen first hand the enthusiasm and hard work that representatives put into their technical area and how this helps improve global knowledge in a particular subject area. You certainly get out of it what you put in."

The World Road Association brings together the highway administrations of 121 governments and has members in over 140 countries.

Technical committee members share experience and knowledge with experts from across the world and the association produces important reports that impact on roads policy around the world.

The first group seeking a new member is committee A2 which covers 'Road Transport System Economics and Social Development'.
Investment in roads can create substantial social and economic benefits and improvements to quality of life. Incorporating these benefits into the appraisal process is of great assistance to decision makers in setting priorities when resources are limited.

This technical committee will investigate new developments in this arena alongside methods of post project monitoring that will capture how results are used. The new committee member will be required to work on the project until 2019.

The second position is for a technical member to join committee A3 'Risk Management'.

This committee will focus on the role of risk assessment and allocation at both an organisation and project based level. The committee member will be involved on the project until 2019.

The third committee seeking a new member is Task Force A2 'Coordination between National and Sub-National Authorities'.
In many countries effective management of the road network depends on a coordinated effort between national and local organisations. Active partnerships can be a conduit to deliver training and information that may not otherwise be accessible to the full community of practitioners.

This Task Force will look at successful practices at countries in different development stages and the new member will be working on the project until 2018.

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