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Region: Eastern

A14. M1 to Felixstowe
Statistics and options.


Contract started

Ml/M6 Junctions1989
M1 to Rothwell1991
Rothwell to Kettering1990
Kettering Southern Bypass1990
Kettering to Thrapston1989
Thrapston to Brampton Contract 71989
Thrapston to Brampton Contract 81991
A1 to Brampton1991
Huntingdon Bypass1973
Bar Hill to Huntingdon1979
Bar Hill Interchange1975
Girton to Bar Hill1976
Cambridge Northern Bypass1977
Cambridge to Newmarket1976
Newmarket Bypass1973
Ipswich By-pass - SW section?
Ipswich By-pass - Orwell crossing?
Ipswich By-pass - SE section?
Seven Hills to Timley By-pass?