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Region: Midlands

M1/M18. Crick to Doncaster (J17 to J32/J2)
Statistics and options.

SectionConstruction startedOpened to traffic
M1. Crick to Whetstone (J18 to J21)August 1962November 1965
M1. Whetstone to Kirby Muxloe (J21 to J21A)October 1962November 1965
M1. Kirby Muxloe to Markfield (J21A to J22)December 1962November 1965
M1. Markfield to Kegworth (J22 to J24)July 1963November 1965
M1. Trent structuresApril 1964May 1966
M1. Kegworth to Sandiacre (J24 to J25)April 1964May 1966
M1. Sandiacre to Nuthall (J25 to J26)April 1964November1966
M1. Nuthall to Pinxton (J26 to J28)December 1964May 1967
M1. Pinxton to Barlborough (J28 to J30)July 1965November 1967
M1. Balborough to Thurcroft (J30 to J32)October 1965November 1967
M18. Thurcroft - Wadworth (J32(M1) to J2)January 1966November 1967