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  • Visualisation and Policy - brief summaries of an assembly of individual essays by authors eminent in particular fields related to motorways, which paint the administrative and Political background to the Motorway system prior to and during its development. Click above for its index.

  • Frontiers of Knowledge and Practice - charts the key determining points in the growth and output of research and development, experience and invention, and its translation into the standards and directions which formed engineering practice in planning designing and building the motorway network. Only summaries of the subjects appear on the website and the index to these papers can be accessed by clicking above.

  • Building the Network - this is the main content of the website, and within each region you will be able to find a description of virtually all of the motorway schemes constructed in the UK. Information is also provided as to where the full archive, for that particular scheme, can be found. You may use the drop-down menus to select a UK Region or sub-Region, or to select an individual motorway scheme. Click on a Region on the map if you prefer. If you wish to see which Counties fall within particular English Regions, click here.

  • Other options - includes powerful search facilities, information about the Motorway Archive and where the archived material can be found, a list of Motorway Archive sponsors, an update on the publication of the three volumes, a list and map of all of the UK motorways, with direct links to many of them, a statistics page packed with facts, a chronological listing of motorway openings, a "links" page and a contact page.

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