Diversity & Inclusion

The Case for Diversity – The positive impact of diversity in business

How Diversity and Inclusion Benefit Business - When businesses embark on this journey, they may find it hard to quantify the benefits of diversity and inclusion in their own business. There is a wealth of evidence to draw on when developing a business case.

CIHT has taken the lead in showing how Diversity & Inclusion can and why it should be addressed in the highways & transportation sector. Information below details toolkits, case studies and initiatives to support this agenda.

Routes to Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit

CIHT’s Routes to Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit was launched in 2015 and was the first toolkit designed specifically for and with the highways and transportation sector. The toolkit featured as a recommendation in the Department for Transport’s recently published Transport Infrastructure Skills Strategy: Building Sustainable skills – Moving Britain Ahead.

The toolkit is just the first step towards embedding a diversity and inclusion culture in highways and transportation to enable the sector to reap the proven business benefits of workplace diversity.

Diversity & Inclusion Charter

CIHT is working with our Corporate Partners to continue to make, and strengthen, the case for diversity and inclusion and to sign CIHT’s Diversity and Inclusion Charter.

More news and activities related to Diversity & Inclusion can be found here

For more information about the Diversity and Inclusion Charter or the Routes to Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit please contact us on e: education@ciht.org.uk

CIHT Diversity and Inclusion Statement 

CIHT have published its Diversity and Inclusion statement designed to highlight the Institution's vision, mission, values and position on Diversity and Inclusion.

Our Vision 
World-class transportation infrastructure and services 

Our Mission

  • be committed to excellence
  • support our members and advance their professional standing
  • inspire lifelong learning
  • generate and share knowledge
  • demonstrate transport infrastructure’s contribution to a prosperous economy and a healthy and inclusive society 

Our Values

  • Professional
  • Inclusive
  • Collaborative
  • Progressive 

Our position on Diversity and Inclusion 
CIHT members, Trustees and staff have a responsibility to create an environment that values equality, diversity and inclusion. 

CIHT is an organisation that:

  • values the contributions that people from diverse backgrounds make to Highways and Transportation
  • believes that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect
  • challenges discriminatory behaviour
  • works to identify and remove barriers to working in the industry
  • actively encourages people from all backgrounds into membership
  • takes a lead in championing diversity and inclusion in the Highways and Transportation sector
  • contributes to the Department for Transport’s diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • showcases the contribution that people from different backgrounds make to Highways and Transportation
  • supports individuals from diverse backgrounds to develop as professionals
  • benchmarks progress on diversity and inclusion against other organisations and industries.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement