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The winners of the category will be announced at the CIHT Awards Ceremony 2022 – taking place on the 7 September 2022 at the London Marriot Hotel.  To find out more about this event please see here 

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New for 2022

This award recognises employers or individuals that have implemented (or been involved in) an EDI (Equality, Diversity, Inclusion) initiative of merit. The overall judging will consider how the EDI initiative has been implemented, what steps have been done in its creation and the measures used to monitor progress, including:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Clarity of aims & objectives
  • The accessibility of the EDI initiative
  • Lessons learnt during implementation

The EDI initiative should have made a positive contribution to the organisation, industry and society. The judges will also be looking for how well the initiative(s) have been embedded in the organisation and evidence of culture change.

We ensure there is no obstacle to enter. Free to enter, no project too big or too small, any location and judged by impartial expert judges with a diversity of experience and opinion.


Why You Should Enter

  • Every entry will be considered for CIHT events, activities and thought leadership.
  • Every shortlisted entry will be highlighted in the website, on social media and in the Transportation Professional magazine, invited to take part in CIHT 8 Questions and is given dedicated space in the CIHT The Work section (viewed by thousands of CIHT members and decision makers in the highways and transportation sector.)
  • Every winner will be featured in the website, on social media, in Transportation Professional magazine, provided with branding for tenders and given amazing PR opportunities

Want even more?

  • The award best represents your organisations achievements and gives you a platform to tell your story
  • Receive independent recognition of your achievement by some of the most respected professionals in the sector which makes winning a fantastic accomplishment
  • Enhance your brand reputation as the award provides a sign of quality for potential clients, strategic transport bodies and investors
  • Showcase your work and brand to a global audience of current leaders, decision makers and the future leaders of the sector
  • Stand out from the crowd with amazing PR opportunities
  • Being shortlisted and winning motivates staff, focuses attention on the incredible work the organisation is producing and enhances pride in the organisation
  • Winning an award will attract new talent


Key Dates

Launch/Open for entries - Monday 21 February 2022

Extended Deadline for entries – Friday 29 April 2022

Shortlist announced – Friday 17 June 2022

Winners announced - Wednesday 7 September 2022



To enter this year’s awards, your work needs to have been live at some point between 01/01/2020 and 28/02/2022 and address all 3 judging criteria (initiation, execution, evaluation).

In addition, for the judges to be able to properly assess how the entry has led to achieving the benefits intended, at the time of entry, it should have been fully implemented or open to use for a period of at least 6 months and no earlier than 01/01/2020.


  • Organisations involved in the highways and transportation industry
  • Submissions must be under 1,000 words


Assessment Criteria

Initiation (10 Points maximum)

  • A clearly articulated vision 
  • Quality of the solution, and methodology of how it addresses the defined problem
  • Well thought out planning, design and delivery phases 
  • Originality and innovativeness
  • Engagement and Communication with stakeholders 

(300 words)

Execution (15 Points Maximum)

  • Successfully delivering on performance measures 
  • Ongoing implementation and monitoring 
  • Achieving positive internal and external feedback 

(300 words)

Evaluation (20 Points Maximum)

  • Demonstrable benefits to the industry and society
  • Potential for wider implementation

(400 words)


Entry Rules

  1. You are the owner of all intellectual rights in your entry or have all necessary consents from all other owner(s) of intellectual rights in your entry.
  2. Entries must be received no later than the published deadline date.
  3. All submissions must be made online.
  4. All entries must be supplied and conform to the category rules and submission formats.
  5. Work entered into more than one category must be treated as a completely separate entry.
  6. The judges’ decision is final.
  7. Due to the number of entries received, we cannot give feedback on individual entries.
  8. By entering these awards, you give the organisers the right to share, publish and otherwise use my entry in all media.
  9. The organisers reserve the right to verify that all entries have been commercially produced for a commercial client where relevant.
  10. The evidence contained in the submission must be correct and you can provide further details if required.


What Should be Included in an Entry

  • A high resolution, 300 dpi, version of your company logo
  • Your entry taking care not to exceed the word limit
  • An executive summary of the activity. The summary, will not be judged, but it is what will appear on the website and promotional material if you are shortlisted. Tell people why your entry is so good and why it is worth further attention.
  • Supporting material: photographs, videos and/ or other graphic images that illustrate your entry in any way is encouraged
  • At least one photo or image provided should be in high resolution, 300 dpi, for potential reproduction in promotional material



New for 2022

Exclusive to CIHT Members: The Work

You can now browse all the shortlisted entries from the CIHT Awards 2021 and 2020.

See the supporting information, visuals, evidence and more that goes into work that wins for your business.

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Register your interest in the 2023 Awards

Be the first to know and get a headstart on the competition.

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