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Inclusive Environments Training Programme

The Programme aims to build understanding, buy-in, expertise and enable culture change in built environment organisations.

The Programme includes access to Design Council’s online one hour Inclusive Environments CPD course. It is supported by a series of 10 bespoke seminars, include keynote talks from industry leaders on inclusive design and interactive workshops sessions with delegates on key themes specific to the organisation.

The workshops, based on Design Council’s Framework for Innovation, use design methodologies to help build bridges, understanding and idea generation for staff and project teams on how to embed inclusive design into their work.

The sessions are filmed to provide a long-term resource to the client, and evaluated through surveys to demonstrate the impact of the programme.

The programme was run for Transport for London between April and July 2019. 250 people took part and their reported knowledge of inclusive design increased from 54% above average and excellent before, to 88% above average and excellent after.

It has been described by industry leaders at the Town & Country Planning Association as “groundbreaking”.

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If you’re interested in finding out more about Design Council’s Inclusive Environments Training, please contact Hilary Cuddy on or 020 7420 5203.

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