Appian Trading Board

The Appian Trading Board was set up as part of the new structure agreed by Council in February 2010.  Formed in 2004 the trading subsidiary was established to reduce the risk of the Institution unintentionally trading outside its permitted area and becoming liable for tax, to reduce the danger of ‘riskier’ activities undermining the core work of the Institution, and to enable the Institution to undertake activities outside of its charitable objects to generate funds to be used to support of the work of the charity.  In the new structure the Board has an enhanced role in actively managing the Institution’s commercial activities.

 The terms of reference for the Appian Trading Board are:

1. To have a strategic oversight of the commercial opportunities for the Institution            
2. To agree and oversee the delivery of the centrally organised social and technical events programme            
3. To maximise income and sponsorship opportunities            
4. To manage and monitor the effective delivery of strategies for maximising income from room lettings and other non charitable activities