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  • December Updates

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 11 December 2017

    Whilst the Annual Luncheon on the 8 December was, rightly, the highlight of my term so far, the President's work is never done! So, here's a couple of other functions that I attended during that month:   On the 11 Dece...

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  • Annual Luncheon 2017

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 08 December 2017

    The highlight event of this month (and probably my Presidential term so far) was unquestionably the Annual Luncheon which was held at the Grosvenor House Hotel (Park Lane) on the 8th December. A total of 1800 guests attended the event which some s...

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  • Council and Cymru Wales regional dinner

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 22 November 2017

    Council day! This was a very busy day with lots of different matters being discussed, including an initial exploration of CIHT "identity" and a discussion on the progress of our Strategic Plan.       I...

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  • Highways UK 2017, Colas CIHT presentation awards and ROC!

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 08 November 2017

    I was privileged to be able to attend and speak at Highways UK which was hosted in Birmingham on 8th and 9th NOV. This is a big event for our industry and CIHT plays a central role.   One of the Presidential highlights is the annual C...

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  • Board of Trustees and CECA Annual Dinner

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 01 November 2017

    This month illustrated vividly to me the responsibilities, the benefits and the significance of the role of the president of CIHT. Many different functions to go to, meeting members and lots more different people from government and our industry a...

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  • October updates

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 09 October 2017

    In addition to the different Regional dinners, October was busy with several more functions that kept me on my toes – or at least it kept my colleagues back in the office happy as they hardly saw me!   On the 9th October...

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    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 07 October 2017

    They had warned me that during my Presidential year I was likely to put on weight and those warnings are fast coming true!   In October, I attended not one but three Regional Dinners – in Glasgow on the 7th, Newcastle on...

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  • Yorkshire and the Humber Annual Dinner and Awards

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 29 September 2017

    On the 29th I was due to attend the Yorkshire and Humber annual dinner and awards in Leeds. The organising Committee had prepared a full day's programmers for myself including a visit to Leeds College of Building in the morning, followed b...

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  • CIHT ADEPT collaboration

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 22 September 2017

    On the 22nd September, Sue Percy and I met up with ADEPT as part of our efforts towards greater collaboration with similar bodies and institutions. ADEPT were represented at the meeting by Pavis Khansari and their new president Simon Neilson a...

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  • Council day

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 20 September 2017

    Before Council there was a short meeting for half an hour to welcome the new Council members. This year we have had more than 10 new members on Council and we look forward to some fresh ideas and strong contributions from them.   ...

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  • Locan Cup 2017

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 10 September 2017

    On the 10th September I was on the train on my way to Lincolnshire for the Locan Cup, organised by the East Midlands region. I have to admit, I had been a little apprehensive about this event as I am not a golfer. Probably like many of you, I ...

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  • Board of Trustees - September 2017

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 06 September 2017

    September has been a busy month and a good precursor of what awaits me for the rest of my Presidential term!   It all started on the 6th with the chairing of my First Board of Trustees meeting. It was a full day of discussion ...

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  • The year ahead

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 25 August 2017

    As I had previously been advised by wise people, August has proved to be a quieter month! I have not had any external engagements, even though I have had many meetings and discussions with staff at Britannia Walk in preparation of my future sc...

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  • Summer holiday

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 21 August 2017

    You will not be surprised to hear that, probably like a lot of you, I took advantage of the sparsity of official functions during August, to go away for a holiday. This year my family and I had a week of cycling in the south of France -which w...

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  • Academy of Urbanism

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 26 July 2017

    On Wednesday 26th I was invited by the Academy of Urbanism to their mid-year Review and Reception where I met David Rudlin who is the Academy's new chair.   The Academy was set up approx. 12 years ago to "bring togeth...

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  • Learning from the past, preparing for the future

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 14 July 2017

    I was honoured to be part of a one-day conference at University College London which celebrated 50 years of Transport Planning at the University. My presentation on our work for CIHT Futures, which had been led by Prof Glenn Lyons during the previ...

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  • Delivering the UK's Road Network

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 13 July 2017

    I chaired the morning session of this one-day conference which was organised by Waterfront, in London. The conference debated the recent announcement from Government about its Road Investment Strategy (RIS) which aims to deliver much-needed infras...

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  • Streets of the Future

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 04 July 2017

    I was delighted to have been asked to chair the morning session of the Streets for the Future Conference which was held at Britannia Walk on the 4th July. Under the guidance of Andrew Hugill, CIHT Director of Policy and Technical Affairs, the Inst...

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  • NCE Transport Conference at Inmarsat

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 29 June 2017

    I chaired the morning session of a 2-day conference on UK Transport that had been organised by NCE. The speakers for that session included representatives from 3 main cities (London, Birmingham and Manchester) who all highlighted the challenges ah...

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  • Meet the staff at BW

    Author: Andreas Markides Posted: 28 June 2017

    I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet the CIHT staff at Britannia Walk and to set out my Presidential theme for the year. The team (of which I knew all but one who happened to start that week) introduced themselves and their role within ...

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