CIHT asked Professor Glenn Lyons to carry out a wide ranging series of workshops around the UK, involving over 200 CIHT members. Glenn’s report is a fascinating picture of our members view of how we should deal with uncertainty and has some key recommendations as to how CIHT and others should respond.  The final report will be a catalyst for further work by CIHT.
CIHT FUTURES Report 2016
Listen to the CIHT podcast interview with Professor Glenn Lyons


About the project

CIHT FUTURES explores the implications of different future scenarios for transport policy and practice. It is engaging members around the UK, drawing on the diversity of their geographical, professional and personal characteristics.

In recent years, traditional assumptions about population, prosperity and traffic growth have been challenged. Experts are uncertain over the extent to which recent trends reflect fundamental underlying changes. Recognising the limitations of traditional quantitative forecasting techniques in unpredictable times, the FUTURES project draws upon scenario planning as a technique to explore critical variables shaping transport choices, divergent alternative future possibilities and the consequences for policymaking.

CIHT members’ input has been central to the FUTURES project with over 200 members particpating in workshops held across the UK. Their insights were gathered and have helped shape the report (due to be finalised shortly, as of March 2016).  The emerging conclusions are here.

For more about the CIHT FUTURES project, and to contribute directly, please browse the linked pages, or contact the project team.