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The Standards Advisory Group has been established to assist the CIHT to co-ordinate and promote the activities of the Institution in relation to standards advice for materials and pavement design for highways, airfields and industrial purposes.  Members of the group sit on a number of British Standards Institution (BSI) Committees developing standards for the industry.  
Visio-Standards committees
The Standards Advisory Group is reviewing how it can raise the visibility of documents In Progress, including at Public Comment stage. Links to the BSI website where full lists of In Progress, Published and Withdrawn documents for which each committee has responsibility can be viewed and downloaded.  CIHT members may wish to put forward comments through the CIHT and its representatives or simply as a member of the public.
We are also seeking to establish a group of CIHT members who are interested in receiving alerts and/or assisting the Institution in our relationship with BSI and developing standards. If you would like to be involved please contact


Standards Advisory Group

The Standards Advisory Group (SAG) has been established to assist the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation to co-ordinate and promote the activities of CIHT in relation to Standards Advice for materials and pavement design for highways, airfields and industrial purposes.

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Useful sites

British Standards Institution (BSI)

BSI is the UK's National Standards Body (NSB). BSI represent UK economic and social interests across all European and international standards organisations. BSI’s Standards Development portal contains information on all of the standards and proposed standards with which BSI are involved.

BSI has recently launched a public online system where new work proposals are accessible for wider view and comment. This is designed to increase awareness of the Standards Development Portfolio.

The Britpave website can be accessed here
1. It includes various horizontal tabs , one of which covers their  publications, many of which are used by the industry at large and which have been developed through their involvement with clients.
2. The Britpave website includes drop menus for technical publications on roads,airfields,busways,sustainable construction,slipformed drainage,etc.
3. Major organisation e.g. Defence Infrastructure Organisation  (DIO) have been  /are  liaising  with Britpave in connection with updates of their specifications.

Defence Infrastructure Organisation
DIO Airfield Pavement Specifications for both cementitious and asphaltic materials can be accessed through the government website.

Once on the Government website search with the text Airfield Specifications.  This then shows:   MOD Works Specifications, DMG27 and DMG 33 (the pdfs of DIO Design and Maintenance Guides).

Click on MOD Works Specifications when the Airfield Specifications 12,13,33,35,40,45,49,50,51 and  52 may be accessed as pdfs.

Listing of DIO  Airfield specifications, design and maintenance guides.
Listing of DIO Airfield specifications, design and maintenance guides.

The Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA)

The RSTA aims to raise awareness of the range and benefits of road surface treatments. The Association promotes workforce competence and professionalism; encourages product and process innovation; champions safe working, sustainability and best practice.

RSTA members include national and local contracting companies, local authority direct labour organizations, material and equipment suppliers. RSTA members are encouraged to register with National Highway Sector Scheme 13 or HAPAS or equivalent Product Certification and Approved Installer Schemes as appropriate. RSTA is recognised by the National Highway Sector Scheme as being the only route through which members’ operatives and supervisors can obtain endorsed CSCS cards as demanded by Sector Scheme 13.