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History of Motorways - Stories Untold

July 2018 - (run time 125 minutes)

The history of the building of the UK's motorways is a fascinating story.  This podcast features the stories from Howard Stevens and John Carrington who were involved with the design and building of the motorway and have also played key roles in preserving the history of motorways.

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Howard Stevens.jpgHoward Stevens - civil engineer, was educated at the University of Manchester and Northwestern University, Illinois, becoming an expert in soil mechanics. In 1959 he joined the construction company Sir Alfred McAlpine, where he spent most of his career. From the early 1960s Stevens was heavily involved in the motorway construction programme, beginning in the North of England working on soils and materials testing, then on building concrete roads. He worked in a series of increasingly senior posts on motorway projects around the UK, eventually as Managing Director, Alfred McAlpine Construction, South Region. After retirement in 1997 he has continued to indulge in his long term hobby of fishing, and has played an important role in the Motorway Archive.   You can also listen to Howard Stevens talking to the British Library for their series on Voices of Science (click here)






John Carrington.jpgJohn Carrington MBE - in a career that spanned forty years, Mr Carrington has worked for the department of transport and in 1983 he was given an MBE for his involvement in the completion of the M54 Telford motorway. Mr Carrington was involved in the conception of the M54 and stayed with it until it was finished more than a decade later. 




The Motorway Archive is a vast collection of information and artefacts relating to the development of the UK's motorway infrastracture.  It was been brought together by a large team of dedicated professionals led by the former Permanent Secretary to the Department of transport, the late Sir Peter Baldwin. It is funded wholly by sponsorship from Professional Institutions, and Companies working in the construction industry.  Both Howard Stevens and John Carrington have played crucial roles in its development and have also written a number of the published volumes.