This includes coordination of responses to consultation documents from government and other bodies, the drafting of policy statements, the commissioning and development of publications and production of responses to technical enquiries.

Policy and Technical Affairs also produces and manages a whole range of conferences, technical seminars and training workshops.

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Resources relating to Accessibility.

Diversity & Inclusion

Resources relating to Diversity & Inclusion (including the Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit, Charter, news and updates).

Learning & Development

Resources relating to Learning & Development, this includes individuals and the sector as a whole (including skills, diversity & inclusion, CPD, workers’ health & safety, project management and training).

Policy & Governance

Resources relating to Policy & Governance (including funding and industry announcements).


Resources relating to Resilience (including security and severe weather effects).

Technology & Innovation

Resources relating to Technology and Innovation (including data, autonomous vehicles and CAV ready roads).


Asset Management

Resources relating to Asset Management (including highway and infrastructure maintenance).

Health & Environment

Resources relating to Health and Environment (including mental health, air and noise pollution and the positive contribution transport makes).


Resources relating to CIHT Membership.


Resources relating to Procurement & Delivery (including contracts and collaborative working).

Road Safety

Resources relating to Road Safety (including road worker safety, road safety audit, casualty reduction, SoRSA and Certificate of Competency certificate).

Transport Planning

Resources relating to Transport Planning.


CIHT Updates

Resources relating to CIHT Updates (including Institution news, publications, media releases, events, Transportation Professional magazine and the TP Weekly News email).

Infrastructure Construction

Resources relating to Infrastructure Construction.

Network Management

Resources relating to Network Management (including ITS, smart motorways, temporary traffic/road works and road signs).

Professional Qualifications

Resources relating to Professional Qualifications / Registration (including EngTech, IEng, CEng, TPP and SoRSA Certificate of Competency).

Sustainable Transport

Resources relating to Sustainable Transport (including integrated planning and transport, walking, cycling and public transport).

Urban Design & Place Making

Resources relating to Urban Design & Place Making (including shared streets, urban realm and street design).


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