Dubai Group

Welcome to the CIHT Dubai Group. A new CIHT group has recently been established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

CIHT Dubai Group

The Group is in the early stages of formation, with the appointment of a Committee, agreement of working procedures and proposals for a programme of evening events. Events commence in January 2020 and will run, except for breaks during Ramadan and Summer, every month at two venues close to Emirates Towers and Media City.  

The goals of the Dubai Group are:

  1. To act as a forum for highways and transport planners, engineers and related professionals in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates
  2. To promote professional standards and qualifications which enhance the skills and capacity of Dubai’s transport sector
  3. To provide a local focus for CIHT to provide services and support (e.g. mentoring, support for nominations) to Members
  4. To become an active and self-sustaining branch of CIHT, contributing to the profile and reach of the Institution
  5. To promote wider professional, academic and social collaboration and learning with other bodies as appropriate
  6. To lay the basis for further CIHT activity in the UAE and wider Region

 Further details on the Dubai Group will be available shortly.


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If you would like to know more, register for direct e-mail communications, or get involved directly with the Dubai Group, please send your details to

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