Become a Reviewer

CIHT Assessors and Reviewers, assess candidates who want to become professionally qualified.

What is required

  • We invite all new reviewers and assessors to attend a training session
  • They will then be required to observe three Professional Review or EPA interviews at an upcoming round of reviews
  • Once they have observed three interviews, they will have completed their training and will be invited to conduct reviews at the following round.


Apply to be a Professional Reviewer or EPA Assessor

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Reviewer Application Form

Personal details

If employed, please state:
If retired, please state
CEng / IEng / EngTech / TPP

Statement to be signed by the applicant


Review and Assessor Support Page

Please follow this link to a page dedicated to the support of CIHT Reviewers and Assessors. You will find the most up to date forms, information and guidance to help you. 


For More Information

For further information and advice, please contact the CIHT Education Team via e-mail –