CIHT Council

Council advises on the strategic and professional direction of the Institution. They also have the power to elect and remove the Board of Trustees.

Council Members find serving on Council a rewarding and enjoyable experience, and a great opportunity to network with fellow professionals.

Ordinary and Regional Council Members serve for three years, after which they must be re-elected in order to continue to serve.  If they are re-elected they can then serve for a further three years before they must stand down for at least a year.  

Are you interested in becoming a CIHT Council member?

CIHT Council nominations for 2021/22 are now open! To put yourself forward you need to complete a nomination form that involves:

  • Providing the details of the four Voting members (Full Members, Fellows, Associates, Graduates, Apprentices and Part Time Students) to support your nomination
  • A career profile including your Professional Affiliations, Education & Qualifications, Past and Present Service to the Institution and a Personal Statement

To get an idea of the type of information required please see our Example Nomination Form.

If there are more nominations than vacancies available, information from the nomination form will then be used to produce a profile of yourself on an online voting website. A ballot of the membership will take place and the results will be announced at the AGM in June.

Ordinary Member: There are six vacancies for Ordinary Members of Council for 2021/22. Find out more information or complete the Ordinary Member Nomination form online here.

Regional Member: There are vacancies for Regional Members for 2021/22 in each of the following regions: CIHT Yorkshire & the Humber, 2 vacancies for CIHT Wales, CIHT North East & Cumbria, CIHT Republic of Ireland, CIHT Scotland and CIHT Northern Ireland. Nominees for Regional Members must have a registered address in the Region for which they wish to stand.

Nominations are normally coordinated by the Regional Committees and if you are thinking of standing you should contact your Regional Secretary. You must complete the Council Nomination form 2021 - Regional Members and return it to by 26 February 2021.

Finding Voting Members to support your nomination: Nominations for both Ordinary and Regional members need to be supported by four Voting Members (Full Members, Fellows, Associates, Graduates, Apprentices and Part Time Students). The best way to meet Voting Members is to contact your Regional Secretary.

Any Questions?
If you want to know more then please contact the Governance Team on:
E: T: +44 (0)20 7336 1550.

To find out more information about the governance of CIHT please contact e:

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Council is made up of:

•    President
•    Two Vice Presidents
•    Three Immediate Past Presidents
•    Honorary Treasurer
•    Twelve Ordinary Members
•    Twelve Regional Members
•    Republic of Ireland Member
•    Up to eight Nominated Members
•    A SoRSA representative (observer)

President 2020-21   
Martin Tugwell BSc (Eng) Hons CEng FICE FCIHT

Vice President    
Deborah Sims BSc(Hons) MSc CEng HonMSoRSA PGCertHE FHEA FCIHT
Neil Johnstone EurIng BSc(Hons) MEng CEng FCIHT MICE MIOD

Past Presidents
Andreas Markides BSc (Hons) MSc CEng FICE FCIHT
Matthew Lugg OBE CEng MICE FCIHT MIMgt

Honorary Treasurer
Sue Sharland MA PhD FCIHT

Regional Members
Andrew Warrington BEng CEng MICE MCIHT - CIHT East Midlands
David Sprunt IEng FIHIE MCIHT - CIHT East of England
Stelios Rodoulis BSc MSc MCIHT - CIHT London    
Chandra Vemury BE MSc CEng MCIHT - CIHT North East and Cumbria    
Barry Heaps CEng FCIHT MICE BEng - CIHT North West    
Bert Bailie BSc (Hons) MSc CEng FCIHT - CIHT Northern Ireland
Russell Henderson BEng FCIHT - CIHT Scotland
Fiona Blackley MA MCIHT - CIHT South East
Mike O'Dowd-Jones BSc MSc MCILT MCIHT - CIHT South West
Kerry Evans BSc(Hons) FCIHT - CIHT Cymru Wales

Chris Young FCIHT MSoRSA - CIHT West Midlands    
Steve Carmody BSc (Hons) CEng MICE FCIHT - CIHT Yorkshire and the Humber
Matthew Steele BA(Hons) MSc FRGS FCILT MCIHT - CIHT Republic of Ireland

Ordinary Members
Susan Giahi Broadbent MSc CEng FIStructE FCIHT
Claudia Currie BSc (Hons) MSc Dip PGDip CTPP CEng FCIT FCILT AMIEA FCIHT 
Nick Hopcraft BSc (Hons) CEng MICE FCIHT 
Peter Molyneux CEng FCIHT MICE
Kate Carpenter BEng CEng MICE FCIHT FSoRSA
Julia Gregory BSc MSc FCIHT
Gill Foster MCIHT FIHE
Jo Field MA MPhil FCIHT 
Tim Speed EurIng BSc (Hons) CEng MICE FCIHT MTPS FFB
Simon Hindshaw BSc CEng FICE FCIHT FCIT
Emily Ingham MEng MCIHT    

Nominated Members
Anthony Ferguson FCIHT
Ginny Clarke CBE BSc CEng MICE FCIHT  
David Ogden FCIHT 
Mitesh Solanki BEng(Hons) MSc FCIHT MICE

Kristopher Campbell MCIHT - Young Professional

Kate Lodge MCIHT - Young Professional 

SoRSA Representative (Observer)
Stewart Knowles BSc MILT FCIHT FSoRSA

Becoming a CIHT Council Member gives you an opportunity to determine the strategic and professional direction of your Institution. Council acts as a sounding board for CIHT policy development and hosts outside speakers who contribute to debate, helping to shape CIHT positioning on specific issues. Recent topics included a presentation on reshaping UK transport policy from Transport for the North’s David Levene and a discussion around the Office of Rail and Road’s annual assessment of Highways England by its deputy director Richard Coates.

Download a summary and FAQs on Your Role as a Council Member  

If you want to know more then please contact the Governance Team on:

E:   T: +44 (0)20 7336 1550.


To find out more information about the governance of CIHT please contact e: