Chartered Engineer

'Chartered Engineers develop solutions to complex engineering problems using new or existing technologies, and through innovation, creativity and technical analysis'

 UK-SPEC, 4th edition 

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Latest News: Experiential Route to Chartered Engineer for CIHT Members

We are excited to announce the launch of a new route for CIHT members to gain the Chartered Engineer (CEng) qualification through an Experiential Learning option. This new route allows CIHT members with partially accredited engineering degrees or Incorporated Engineer (IEng) status to demonstrate Master's level learning, paving the way to CEng. Please refer to the guidance document at the bottom of the page (under Individual Route Templates) for further information. Should you have any queries, please contact


Why become a Chartered Engineer (CEng)?

  • Enhance your career prospects and earning potential
  • Demonstrate your level of skills and knowledge within the profession
  • Demonstrate your commitment to professional standards and ethical practice
  • Stand out of the crowd with internationally-recognised letters CEng after your name
  • The opportunity to actively get involved with the wider engineering community to develop and shape the industry

Why choose CIHT to apply for CEng?

  • Assessed by experts in the same sector as yourselves
  • Straightforward and easy to follow process
  • Streamlined approach to fit your busy schedule
  • Mentor guidance available
  • Excellent customer service and support materials for every step of the process

CIHT can add value, inspire, inform and develop your career.

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Don’t just take our word for it

CIHT have helped me so much on my journey to become a Chartered Engineer. Any questions I had were always answered swiftly and explained in great detail. I would highly recommend CIHT to anyone looking to progress their career.

Carl Courtney, Roadstone Ltd

I found the process straightforward thanks to the support of CIHT. The online submission process is useful as a checklist and can be easily reviewed and updated before final submission. The reviewers were welcoming and put me at ease, allowing me to feel more comfortable at my Professional Review.

Andrew Berry-Fincham, Atkins

I would highly recommend CIHT as an Institution to seek Chartership through. The online system is very straightforward and easy to use, putting the emphasis on the content of your submission rather than formatting a large document. I had many questions along the way that were all answered very quickly by the Education Team and the reviewers at the Professional Review were welcoming.

Holly Graham, Department for Infrastructure NI


Take the first step - start your initial assessment today

If you are interested in applying for CEng registration through CIHT, please complete our quick and simple online initial assessment so that the CIHT Education Team can confirm your route. The routes are as follows:

Standard Route - you meet the academic benchmark set by the Engineering Council and can proceed directly to Professional Review. This requires you to submit a Portfolio of Evidence and attend a Professional Review interview. The academic benchmark is as follows:

  • An accredited 4-year integrated MEng degree


  • A Bachelor's degree which is accredited for CEng with further learning, plus an accredited Master's degree

Other courses may be covered by international agreements such as the Washington Accord, FEANI and EUR-ACE. If this is the case you will be advised in your initial assessment outcome.

Individual Route - you do not meet the academic benchmark and will need to complete further learning or undergo a form of assessment (e.g. a Technical Report) to demonstrate your knowledge to the required level, before you are eligible to proceed to Professional Review.

The online initial assessment form is free of charge for members and non-members.

Start your initial assessment today

Become a Member to apply

If you decide to apply for CEng registration through CIHT, you must first become a member.

Becoming a member will give you access to a range of benefits that will support you in your journey towards qualifications, including vital CPD opportunities and access to further support and mentoring. Click here to find out how CIHT can support you throughout your career. 

If you have any questions about membership, please email

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Start Your Professional Review Application

If your initial assessment outcome e-mail confirms that you are eligible to apply for CEng Professional Review, the next stage in the assessment process is to submit a Portfolio of Evidence. Our online application form allows you to track your progress and build up your Portfolio of Evidence before you are finally ready to submit. 

You will also need to attend a Professional Review interview to demonstrate that you have reached the CEng competence standard set by the Engineering Council.  Please click here for information on upcoming submission deadlines, interview dates and fees.

Apply for CEng Professional Review

The CEng Standard

The criteria against which candidates are assessed are outlined in the Engineering Council's 'The UK Standard for Professional Engineering and Competence and Commitment' document (4th edition).

  • Competence A: Knowledge and Understanding
  • Competence B: Design, development and solving engineering problems
  • Competence C: Responsibility, management and leadership
  • Competence D: Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Commitment E: Professional Commitment

Find out more about the requirements of CEng by referring to pages 31-40 of UK-SPEC.

UK-SPEC, 4th Edition


Are you eligible to use the online application portal to apply for Professional Review?

Watch this video to see if you are eligible to use CIHT’s new online Professional Review application service for EngTech, IEng or CEng registration.


Making an application for Professional Review 

If you are eligible for professional review, check out this video to find out how to apply using our new online application service.


Additional Membership

Additional memberships exist where the registrant has been awarded their title (e.g. CEng) by two separate institutions. The Engineering Council only issues one certificate on initial registration. However, secondary certificates can be purchased via the Engineering Council’s website.

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Dual Registration

Holding more than one professional registration at the same time, , is known as dual registration. Dual registrations exist where a registrant has been awarded more than one of the Engineering Council’s titles (e.g. EngTech and IEng or IEng and CEng) and each of these has been awarded by a different institution. The Engineering Council issues dual registrants with a certificate for each title.

Dual registration is therefore only possible for those registered with separate titles, via separate institutions, paying separate registration fees for each title. To find out more contact

CIHT Learn

Support your journey to CEng with our online learning platform CIHTLearn. Members have access to free and low cost online training as well as a tool to plan and record CPD. We have mapped the modules against UK-SPEC so it is easy for you to find the modules that will help you. This includes a highly recommended ‘Preparing for Professional Review’ module. 

CIHT Learn Modules for CEng applicants

Help and Support

For any queries, please contact or call +44 (0)20 7336 1555 and select the extension for the education department. 

Office opening hours are 9.00 to 17.00 GMT.


CEng Resources & Templates 


Get ahead with CIHT Membership

You will need to be a CIHT member to apply for professional registration. Find out how much you can get out of CIHT Membership and how it can supercharge your career!

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