Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of the President, Vice Presidents, Immediate Past President, Honorary Treasurer, the four Board Chairs and up to two Members without Portfolio.

Trustees have a responsibility to ensure that the affairs of the Institution are kept in good order, and legal and statutory obligations are fulfilled. They are responsible for controlling the management and the administration of the Institution and, if negligent, are personally liable. Each Trustee has a personal responsibility to ensure that statutory documents for example the Annual Report and Accounts, are produced and submitted on time.


The Board of Trustees is also responsible for agreeing the subscriptions for membership and drawing up detailed Revenue and Capital budgets for the coming year and outline budgets for the four years beyond this. At each meeting, progress against budget is monitored and action initiated as required.

All Trustees are asked to make a declaration of interest each year. Trustees receive no remuneration for their work but are able to claim expenses.  The Register of Interests and information on expenses payments made to Trustees is available for inspection on request.

Board of Trustees 2018-19

  • Matthew Lugg, President and Chair
  • Peter Brown, Honorary Treasurer
  • Ginny Clarke, Chair Learned Society & Technical Affairs Strategy Board
  • Neil Johnstone, Chair Appian Trading Board
  • Glenn Lyons, Chair Membership and Skills Strategy Board
  • Andreas Markides, Immediate Past President
  • Martin Tugwell, Senior Vice President
  • Deborah Sims, Vice President
  • Andrew Warrington, Regional Representative
  • Lynn Basford, Trustee without Portfolio
  • Kaine Lynch, Trustee without Portfolio
  • Jerry Pert, Trustee without Portfolio

More details on the work of the Board can be requested by contacting the Board Secretary on t: +44 (0)20 7336 1559 or e: e:

Got a question? 020 7336 1571