Associate Member (AMCIHT)

As a professional, inclusive, collaborative and progressive membership organisation, CIHT welcomes members from every part of the Highways & Transportation sector. 


Associate Member grade

The CIHT Associate Member grade (AMCIHT) is aimed at two distinct professional groups:

  1. Those who have been working in the sector for at least three years in an aligned professional role such as: HR, Business Development or Marketing

    Associate membership should be regarded as your sector specific membership, demonstrating your commitment to highways and transportation as an industry with an integrated and diverse workforce. It is designed for those who make a vital contribution to the sector and want a broad understanding of the industry.

  2. Those embarking on a technical career with less than three years’ experience in the industry. Once individuals in this group have gained three years’ experience, they will be transfered to CIHT Member grade (MCIHT)

Susan Fletcher, Skills & Inclusion Manager, BAM Nuttall, Associate Member says:

Being an Associate Member of CIHT (AMCIHT) brings many benefits, such as access to CIHT events of interest and relevance to my role in the industry, weekly email newsletters. I always find Transportation Professional magazine a great source of information as to what is happening in the industry. In addition to this, I have access to a fantastic members' benefits discount area - CIHT Options - and have saved a lot of money using this service. I would definitely recommend anyone in the transport industry to become a member of CIHT.

What do we offer Associate Members?

In addition to post-nominal letters (AMCIHT), which clearly demonstrate your status as a member of a professional organisation, we have a range of benefits, including a new LinkedIn Group, designed to foster engagement across the sector.

Interested in becoming an Associate member?

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