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CIHT Cymru Wales includes all of the counties within the devolved administration of Wales. In 2015, North Wales and the South Wales Branches merged to become CIHT Cymru Wales. We play a significant role in providing advice to the Welsh Government on Highways and Transportation matters through the consultation process.

The CIHT Cymru Wales Committee provides networking opportunities with a calendar of events covering industry hot topics. These technical events offer excellent opportunities to extend your experience and knowledge and gain CPD certificates.

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Becoming a CIHT Regional Committee member can expand your network with leading professionals in your area and will help you stand out from the crowd. Joining your committee also counts towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and can lead to longer involvement in national CIHT activities. It is the first step for those who wish to become a key figure in the institution or even a future CIHT President.

We welcome new committee members at any time and would be delighted to hear from you. You can find more information about the regional committee roles on the Regional Officers Area.

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Mentoring - are you applying for CEng, IEng, EngTech or TPP qualification with CIHT?

CIHT Mentoring is available in Wales to all CIHT members interested in or working towards an Engineering Council or Chartered Transport Planning Professional registration. A friendly panel of mentors can be contacted, and a mentor assigned to you.

Our regional mentors provide advice, guidance, and encouragement to their mentees on their journey to becoming professionally qualified. Mentors will help their mentees identify the knowledge, skills, and experience for the relevant competence requirements of their professional qualification and advise on demonstrating this in the submission and at the professional review interview.

If you are interested in getting a mentor, you can request one here: Request a mentor.
If you are interested in mentoring, you can register to become a mentor here: Register to become a mentor.

CIHT Cymru Wales Emerging Professionals Committee

CIHT Cymru Wales has an active Emerging Professionals Committee who organise a number of events throughout the year. The committee's aims include: To act as a voice for younger members; to promote the Institution as a professional body; to support young transport planners and engineers; to promote the benefits of joining CIHT; to provide opportunities for networking; and to assist for emerging professionals with their professional development. The committee meets once every two to three months and organises a range of events throughout the year. If you would like to get involved in organising an event or would like to join the Emerging Professionals Committee, please contact e:


Get in touch with the local committee:

More details on all activities including news, events and who's who can be found on these pages.


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Become a Regional Committee Member 

Expand your network with leading professionals in your area and stand out from the crowd.

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