Chartered Transport Planning Professional

Becoming a Chartered Transport Planning Professional is now possible.

Have you successfully completed the Transport Planning Professional (TPP) assessment? Further your career and get greater recognition by applying now to become a Chartered Transport Planning Professional.

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In 2018, CIHT applied to the Privy Council for an amendment to its Royal Charter to award the title Chartered Transport Planning Professional (CTPP) to those who hold the Transport Planning Professional qualification. This amendment was granted in May 2019, allowing new candidates who successfully complete the TPP assessment process, as well as those who are already TPP-qualified, to apply to CIHT for conferment of the CTPP title.

'CIHT is delighted to have been granted the Chartered Transport Planning Professional title. We have many transport planners in our membership and the CTPP will give them the opportunity to achieve the level of professional recognition that they deserve for the important and highly skilled work that they do.'    

Matthew Lugg, CIHT President 2018-2019


What does Chartered status mean?

Chartered status is considered a mark of professional competency. The Chartered TPP signifies a transport planner who has undergone a rigorous assessment of their technical and managerial capabilities and have satisfied a recognised professional benchmark.


Who is Chartered TPP for?

Chartered TPP is only available to experienced transport planners who have successfully completed the Transport Planning Professional (TPP) assessment.

Access to the TPP qualification was previously limited to CIHT and TPS members but is now open to Transport Planners who are members of other recognised professional bodies approved by CIHT and TPS.

Am I eligible?

Only holders of the Transport Planning Professional qualification are eligible to apply for the CTPP title.

Why should I apply?

Chartered TPP provides employers, their clients, and society with the confidence that professionally registered transport planners possess and maintain the knowledge, skills and commitment required to meet the transport planning needs of today and the future. For the individual, CTPP can lead to improved career and salary prospects and greater influence within their organisation and the profession more generally, for example when providing legal evidence as an Expert Witness.

How to apply

  • Application should be made to CIHT on the form provided below
  • The TPP qualification demonstrates the required professional benchmark for CTPP; no further assessment is required to gain the Chartered title.
  • Applicants will be required to confirm their commitment to CPD.
  • A conferment fee is payable on application for the CTPP title.
  • An annual CTPP renewal fee will be charged to cover subsequent calendar years.
Apply for CTPP now

Since obtaining the TPP qualification, I have continued to observe the Code of Professional Conduct for my membership organisation and undertake and record my continuing professional development (CPD).

I confirm I am eligible for CTPP and agree to paying the £40 conferment fee.


What do I receive to demonstrate my Chartered status?

  • Applicants will receive a certificate from CIHT to acknowledge conferment of the CTPP title.
  • Once the title has been conferred, applicants may use the designatory letters CTPP after their name.

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How much does it cost? Are there annual renewal fees?

There will be a conferment fee of £40 and an annual fee to remain on the CTPP register thereafter.

How long does Chartered Status last?

For as long as the individual remains a member of CIHT, TPS or approved membership body, pays to stay on the register and keeps their CPD up-to-date.

Require further information?

Contact our helpful team

T: +44 (0)20 7336 1555 and select the option for the education department



Get ahead with CIHT Membership

Join other savvy professionals just like you at CIHT.  We are  committed to fulfilling your professional development needs throughout your career

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