Guidance Notes

These pages contain a number of guidance notes and case studies on a variety of highways and transportation related issues. This includes details of a CIHT guidance note on residential parking, traffic calming guidelines by Devon County Council and a toolkit on Traffic in Villages.

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Residential Parking Guidance Note

It has long been the experience of local planning and highway authorities that parking is the biggest single issue of concern in recently-constructed residential developments.

Parking problems manifest themselves in pavement parking, obstruction of driveways and accesses, hindrance to larger delivery vehicles and refuse freighters, damage to soft landscaping and footways, and cluttered, unsightly streets. They cause tension between neighbours that has been known to escalate into violence.

This new guidance note seizes the opportunity offered by the Coalition Government’s announcements on residential parking, by bringing together best practice and sound evidence to assist designers and auditors in getting it right.
Residential Parking Guidance Note

Traffic in Villages

Traffic in Villages was produced by Dorset AONB Partnership and written by Hamilton-Baillie Associates.

It was written as a toolkit to help Parish Councils and local groups understand the core principles for reducing speed, improving safety and retaining local distinctiveness. Traffic in Villages aimed to develop new working relationships between communities and highway authorities by equipping communities with the tools to look closely at their issues and begin to consider new solutions.
It is illustrated with case studies and practical advice and includes a checklist to help local surveys.
The Toolkit extends the key principles of Manual for Streets and Manual for Streets 2 to support rural communities coping with the impact of traffic in villages and small towns.
More details are available here

Traffic Calming Guidelines - Devon County Council

This book influenced a generation of urban designers and traffic engineers in creating safer and more civilised streets. The main author, Tim Pharoah, has now donated a full electronic version for the CIHT website.

Produced by Devon County Council, including many photographs and colour graphics, the 180 page book won the Mobil prize for road safety, and continues to be a valuable source of reference.
This groundbreaking work advocated street layouts that reduce driver speeds while creating a more attractive environment and was a forerunner to Manual for Streets.
Besides guidance on residential streets, the Devon book advocated innovative approaches to the design of urban main streets, a theme that will be taken forward in the CIHT forthcoming companion volume to Manual for Streets.
Section One
Section Two
Section Three (1) - Categories
Section Three (2) - Vertical Shifts in the Carriageway
Section Three (3) - Lateral Shifts in the Carriageway
Section Three (4) - Carriageway Restrictions
Section Three (5) - Roundabouts
Section Three (6) - Small Corner Radii
Section Three (7) - Priority Management
Section Three (8) - Road Markings
Section Three (9) - Electronic Enforcement
Section Three (10) - Optical Width
Section Three (11) - Narrow Carriageways
Section Three (12) - Occasional Strips
Section Three (13) - Surface Changes
Section Three (14) - Entrances and Gateways
Section Three (15) - Central Islands
Section Three (16) - Shared Surfaces
Section Three (17) - Footway Extensions
Section Three (18) - Planting and Greenery
Section Three (19) - Street Furniture and Lighting
Section Three (20) - Regulations
Section Four (1) - Scheme Examples
Section Four (2) - Aachen Forst, Germany
Section Four (3) - Moabit Area-wide Project, Buxtehude, Germany
Section Four (4) - Area Wide Project, Buxtehude, Germany
Section Four (5) - Nippes District, Cologne, Germany
Section Four (6) - Wittekind Strasse, Cologne, Germany
Section Four (7) - Burnthouse Lane, Exeter
Section Four (8) - Newtown, Exeter
Section Four (9) - Mount Pleasant Road, Haringey, London
Section Four (10) - Worthington Street, Leicester
Section Four (11) - Victoria Road, Plymouth
Section Four (12) - Tinsley, Sheffield
Section Four (13) - Yealm Park, Yealmpton
Section Four (14) - High Street, Exeter
Section Four (15) - Bedford Street, Exeter
Section Four (16) - Frankfurt City Centre, Germany
Section Four (17) - High Street, Sheffield
Section Four (18) - Fleet Street, Torquay
Section Four (19) - Kalker Strasse, Cologne, Germany
Section Four (20) - Leenderweg, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Section Four (21) - St Johns Hill, Wandsworth
Section Four (22) - Boutport Street, Barnstaple
Section Four (23) - High Street, Barnstaple
Section Four (24) - Tuly Street, Barnstaple
Section Four (25) - Shenley Road, Borehamwood
Section Four (26) - Fore Street, Brixham
Section Four (27) - High Street, Buntingford
Section Four (28) - Town Centre, Dartmouth
Section Four (29) - Frankfurter Strasse, Hennef, Germany
Section Four (30) - Hauptstrasse, Langenfeld, Germany
Section Four (31) - Town Centre, Sidmouth
Section Four (32) - The Plains, Totnes
Section Four (33) - Dulmen Buldern Village, Germany
Section Four (34) - Much Village Centre, Germany
Section Four (35) - References and Index


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