CIHT Foundation

The Foundation was created by CIHT to receive charitable donations from collections and other appeals to distribute to activities and projects that we can support as part of our charitable aims. The focus is on educational or innovative proposals that advance the art and science of highways and transportation. The funds raised go into a restricted CIHT account so that they can only be used strictly for this purpose.

How are applications considered?

CIHT has kept the criteria and procedures for applications simple, fair and transparent to encourage applications from a wide range of ideas for projects and schemes. Applications for funds are considered on their merits by the Chief Executive and the Senior Vice President.

What types of bids are supported?

The CIHT Foundation can support bids up to a maximum of £5000 that include:

  • Innovative work to develop best practice in highways and transportation
  • Skills development in the field of highways and transportation
  • Promotion of careers in engineering or transportation to younger people and schools
  • Research work that contributes to the development of the art and science of transportation.
  • Educational research grants that contribute to innovatory work and the development of national best practice highways and transportation

How do I apply for a grant?

Anyone wishing to apply for a grant should first read the  CIHT Foundation - Criteria and Guidance document. 

If you believe your project or activity meets the relevant criteria, please complete the relevant form:

Grant Application Form (grants up to £5000) 

Small Grant Application Form (grants up to £250) 

These should be returned to: 

Further information

If you require any further assistance on how you can become more involved with the CIHT Foundation, please contact CIHT via e: