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What is CPD

Continuing Professional Development or CPD, refers to the process of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience that you can gain from both formal and informal training. Our members’ professional competence is of vital importance to the Highways & Transportation Sector which is why all practicing CIHT members are expected to undertake CPD and keep and maintain a CPD record. You can find out more information on our CPD Activities Page.


Maintaining a CPD Record

Maintaining a CPD record helps you track, document then reflect on the skills, knowledge and experience that you have gained from both formal and informal learning. CIHT members are required to undertake a minimum of 25 hours of CPD per year in accordance with our Code of Conduct and for professionally registered members, to ensure compliance the Engineering Councils Code for Registrants. A good CPD record demonstrates that the knowledge and skills that are necessary for you to practice are up-to-date, enabling you to serve society to the best of your ability.


CPD Activities - What Constitutes CPD

CIHT do not prescribe the types of activity that count towards your CPD hours because you are the best person to choose the right CPD activity for you; however, if you would like some examples of CPD activities that are approved by CIHT, please find more information here.


What are the benefits of CPD?

  • Increase capacity and commitment to lifelong learning
  • Encourage learning in a variety of topics
  • Increase resilience to changes in the industry
  • Encourage reflection of business / personal objectives
  • Enhance career prospects


How can CIHT help you manage your CPD

CIHT can help you to continuously plan, act, record and reflect upon your development.

  • Plan how you will meet your learning and development needs set out in your Professional Development Plan
  • Act on your plan by undertaking at least 25 hours of CPD activity in any one year
  • Record your CPD activity in an appropriate form
  • Reflect upon your professional development activity, needs and objectives regularly


CIHT Learn

CIHT Learn is our new digital learning platform, created to help you progress and succeed in your highways, transport and infrastructure career. Designed to deliver the insights you need, when you need them, CIHT Learn is about to make learning a lot easier and more convenient for you.

CIHT Learn is linked directly to recording and reflecting on your CPD record aa well as creating your own SWOT analysis and Professional Development Plan. CIHT Learn – try it today.


Annual CIHT CPD Review

A random sample of members are chosen from CIHT's Membership base to take part in our annual CPD Review. Some members will have their CPD records reviewed by members of our CPD Panel and a percentage of those will be professional registrants. If a member does not respond to a CPD audit request, this can constitute non-compliance with CIHT’s Code of Conduct, which could result in suspension of membership and loss of professional registration.

Those members exempt from the annual review are: Honorary Fellows, Retired Members and members who are undertaking full-time or part time study which leads to a relevant qualification. Retired Members involved in CIHT’s governance structure (i.e., Council, Boards, Panels, Committees and professional reviewers) are considered professionally active and may be invited to submit current evidence of undertaking CPD.


Help and Support

If you have any further questions regarding CPD please email



Get ahead with CIHT Membership

Join other savvy professionals just like you at CIHT.  We are  committed to fulfilling your professional development needs throughout your career

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