What is CPD?

CIHT defines CPD as:

  • the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills and the development of personal qualities
  • necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties
  • throughout the practitioner’s working life

Why is CPD important?

CIHT members are on a continuous professional journey which involves learning and facilitating the learning of others as:

  • Professionals to demonstrate up-to-date knowledge and skills necessary to practice
  • Members serving society by advancing the science and art associated with Highways and Transportation
  • Necessary to ensure compliance with our Code of Conduct and for Engineering Technicians, Incorporated Engineers and Chartered Engineers to observe the CPD Code for registrants of the Engineering Council

Plan, act, record, reflect

It is important for our members throughout their professional journey to continuously plan, act, record and reflect upon their development. CIHT encourages our members to:

  • Plan how you will meet your learning and development needs through appropriate CPD which is relevant and set out in your Professional Development Plan
  • Act on your plan by undertaking at least 25 hours of CPD activity in any one year (averaged over 3 years)
  • Record your CPD activity in an appropriate form
  • Reflect upon your professional development activity, needs and objectives regularly

Follow the links below to find out how you can record your CPD.






All CIHT members are obliged to undertake CPD with the exception of Honorary Fellows, Retired Members* and members who are undertaking full-time or part time study which leads to a relevant qualification.
*Retired Members involved in the governance structure including Council, Boards, Panels & Committees and activity such as professional reviews at CIHT are considered professionally active and may be invited to submit evidence of undertaking CPD.