Fellow (FCIHT)

Fellowship of CIHT (FCIHT) is the highest grade of membership of the Institution.. Fellows are highly respected and experienced professionals who have reached a senior level of responsibility working in industry and/or academia.


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Who can apply?

This is the highest grade of membership that we offer and restricted to individuals who can demonstrate that they are operating at the top of the profession. It is awarded to those working in highways and transportation with proven ability who have made a significant contribution to their profession You can apply for this grade directly or join at a lower grade and work your way up.

How much does it cost?

Membership fees are adjusted depending on when you join in the year. For any queries, please contact e: membership@ciht.org.uk For a full list of fees please see our fees page.

Application routes 

There are two ways to apply for Fellowship:

  • Transfer from another grade of CIHT membership – if you are a CIHT member, you can apply to transfer to the grade of Fellow.
  • Direct admission – if you are not yet a member of CIHT and fulfil the requirements for Fellowship, you can apply for direct admission to Fellowship.

Fellowship attributes

Depending on your career path, it may not be possible, or essential, to cover all of these attributes. FCIHT applicants are required to clearly demonstrate their roles, responsibilities and contributions, emphasising these where relevant. You do not need to still be in a senior role when you apply – you could be partially or fully retired, for example.

Please provide examples of work/projects demonstrating your suitability for Fellowship. 

  • Technical achievements
  • Level of financial responsibility
  • Active Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Management responsibility
  • Contribution to training, staff development and mentoring
  • Promotion of the profession
  • Promotion of diversity & inclusion

Fellows must demonstrate the following. 

  • Details of your technical achievements
  • Details of your level of financial responsibility
  • Professional commitment - this can include examples of your:
    • Involvement in promoting the profession and / or promoting diversity in the profession 
    • Service to CIHT (or other institutions) at a regional or national level)
    • Contribution to wider industry; (writing papers, provided support or advice on innovation or enhanced industry knowledge)
  • Continuing Professional Development
    • Examples of CPD undertaken in the past two years
  • Management responsibility - this can include examples of:
    • Direct/indirect people management
    • Contribution to training
    • Staff development and/or mentoring

What you need before you apply

To ensure you have everything you need to apply, we require the following supporting evidence:

  • A CV
  • A list of any academic qualifications that you may have
  • Details of any professional bodies that you are a member of or any professional qualifications you currently hold.
  • Your employment history
  • Examples that support your application in the relevant attributes (minimum of 100 and maximum of 500 words)
  • The names of your proposer and seconder. The proposer and seconder should be ideally be Fellows of CIHT or a recognised professional body in a related sector.

Your proposer and seconder must have consented for CIHT to contact them about your application. By providing us with their details you have provided consent for us to contact them about your application.

We need additional information about your Proposer and Seconder to support your application.

  1. The professional body they belong to
  2. Their email
  3. Their employer and job title
  4. Number of years known in work capacity
  5. Supporting statements by your Proposer and Seconder (minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 200 words). We advise that you ask your proposers to send you their statements about you and you copy the text into the online application form.

Your application will not be processed until all supporting evidence has been provided. 

If you require any help on any of the supporting documentation, please get in touch with our Membership team who are ready to help you. Email us at membership@ciht.org.uk or complete the enquiry form

See our Guidance Notes

What happens once you have submitted your application?

Your application will be reviewed by our Membership Application Panel, who will evaluate the application and make the final decision. You will be notified within six weeks of submitting your application. 

As part of the process, your Proposers and Seconders may be contacted to verify their statements.

If you are successful in your application, you will receive notification and a certificate confirming your achievement.

If you are unsuccessful in your application, you will receive notification with an explanation for the decision. We will provide guidance as to how you may wish to address the reasons to provide further evidence or resubmit your application.



Complete the following steps

  1. Complete the online application form
  2. Submit the application form
  3. Await our response
Guidance notes


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This recent webinar discusses why you should consider applying for FCIHT and will answer some of the questions you may have.

You will also be able to hear insights from a member of the Membership Assessment Panel.

This webinar was recorded in July 2023 to tie-in with our free membership upgrade month (August 2023).



Apply to become a Fellow at CIHT

If you have previously had a CIHT account please log in with the email address we have for you. If you no longer have access to this email account, contact: membership@ciht.org.uk 

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Help and support

If you wish to contact us, please get in touch with our Membership team who are ready to help you. Email us at membership@ciht.org.uk or make an enquiry.

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Here are some of the questions we're often asked by our Members. If you don't find the answer you're looking for here, give the Membership team a call on ‪+44 020 7336 1555‬‬‬ (Option 1), make an enquiry or email us at membership@ciht.org.uk 

Benefits include:

CIHT Learn: Access to bitesize eLearning activities and resources to develop the skills and knowledge you need as a professional working in highways and transportation

CIHT Connect: An opportunity to network with members and discuss topics, explore ideas, discover best practice, build connections, develop expertise and find solutions to commonly shared challenges

Transportation Professional magazine: Covers all the latest news, case studies, opinions and insights relevant to your career

News & Updates: Get the essential news and updates to keep you ahead of the competition

CSCS Professionally qualified person card – CIHT Fellows (FCIHT) are automatically eligible to apply for a CSCS Professionally qualified person card. All applicants must pass the CITB Managers and Professionals Health, Safety and Environment Test or the alternative CIC Health and Safety Test.

Be part of consultations: Working closely with members and influential stakeholders, CIHT shapes the decisions that affect the sector and society

Shape the future: As a member, you have a voice in how your Institution is run – through voting at annual general meetings, extraordinary general meetings, and Elections, standing for elected positions, and committee membership

FInd out what our members think 

CIHT offers a great opportunity to be recognised as a transport professional contributing to solving current and future mobility issues.

Rehan Mian FCIHT, Director, Transport, WSP

The CIHT provides an excellent community of practice through its various pathways for professional development as well as providing an information platform and networks for ongoing personal development.

Tony Brennand FCIHT, Principal Adviser, Strategic Transportation, NZ Transport Agency

CIHT Membership keeps you in the know through all media channels. This along with opportunities to pursue qualifications and learning makes membership really worthwhile.

Paul Boss FCIHT, Highway Asset Manager, Amey 


Got a question about CIHT Membership?

Let us support you and answer your questions.

Make an enquiry now