Fellow (FCIHT)

Fellow (FCIHT) is the highest grade of membership of the Institution and is conferred on those working in highways and transportation with proven ability who have made a significant contribution to their profession. Fellows are seen as exemplars of the corporate identity of the Institution and, as such, CIHT needs to be satisfied that successful applicants, by their actions, reflect the Institution's aims and objectives.


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Make a difference to your career, wider society and the industry, with CIHT Fellow Membership (FCIHT).  CIHT is the leading membership organisation for people who work in the highways & transportation sector with members in over 85 countries worldwide.

As senior highways and transportation practitioner, an applicant for FCIHT would normally be in a position to make a major contribution to the profession, either through involvement with CIHT or independently, and have reached a pinnacle of career distinction within their field. FCIHT is highly respected in the industry as a symbol of excellence.

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Becoming a Fellow (FCIHT) helps raise industry standards

Eligibility for FCIHT

Because of the wide range of routes to membership, an absolute and specific definition of the attributes required for Fellow status remains flexible. Examples of evidenced FCIHT attributes include:

  • Technical achievement
  • Level of financial responsibility
  • Active Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Management responsibility
  • Contribution to training, staff development and mentoring
  • Promotion of the profession
  • Promotion of diversity & inclusion

Depending upon the applicant’s particular career path, it may not be possible, or essential, to cover all of these attributes. FCIHT applicants are required to clearly demonstrate their roles, responsibilities and contributions, emphasising these where relevant.

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CIHT Members (MCIHT) wishing to transfer to FCIHT

If you are an existing CIHT member (MCIHT) wishing to transfer to Fellow grade please follow our online transfer process.



Fellow (FCIHT) is the highest membership grade in the Institution. Fellows are exemplars of the corporate identity of the Institution. We welcome individual MCIHT members transferring to FCIHT plus new members joining at this level to help raise industry standards.

Complete our simple online application by following the link below.

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