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In 2015 CIHT’s 18 UK Branches were restructured to 12 Regions & Nations to match the boundaries of the Devolved Nations and the English Regions. On Tuesday 5th May 2015 the Central and Southern Scotland and the North of Scotland Branches merged to become CIHT Scotland. CIHT Scotland exists to support you in your career development, to highlight and share best practice in transport planning and engineering in Scotland and to offer networking opportunities.

Note from the Chair

As Chair of the CIHT Scotland region, I wanted to send a message to all our members to encourage you to maintain and use your association with CIHT to help you through the difficult time that we are all experiencing at the moment. It's an important time to stay connected and keep up to speed with what’s going on in the sector so that we can carry on with our career development during and post-Covid 19. 

I hope you are enjoying our CPD webinars and regular email newsletters. Please do get in touch with any feedback you may have. 

For those who have yet to re-new their membership, I understand that paying your membership subscription may not be a priority, or may be financially difficult right now. CIHT is committed to supporting everyone in the sector through this time.  How? Firstly, by waiving the reinstatement fee and secondly by having conversations with members about payment options and taking advantage of the concessionary subscription rate. The membership team ( is there to help you continue your valued membership and all its benefits during this challenging time.

Stay safe, 

Nicola Blaney, CIHT Scotland Chair

With over 1200 members located across Scotland, CIHT Scotland is keen to support professionals pursuing qualifications such as Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer and Transport Planning Professional status.

Scottish Policy Forum (SPF) 

The SPF is part of CIHT Scotland and sits under the auspices of the CIHT Learned Society & Technical Board. As a member-led initiative, SPF stemming from the time of devolved government in Scotland. Its central purpose is to represent CIHT members in Scotland in an appropriate way and to convey professional advice and opinion to elected bodies and society at large in a way that is relevant to the specific geography, characteristics and governance of the transport network in Scotland. SPF ensures that relevant transport technical and policy issues are brought to the attention of CIHT members across Scotland and endeavours to produce timely responses to the Scottish Government on public consultations. For further details go to Scottish Policy Forum.

CIHT Scotland Committee

The CIHT Scotland Committee organises regular networking opportunities with lectures and seminars covering contemporary issues, projects and policies or standards of relevance or interest to your work in the industry. Attendance at such events is recognised with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certification, essential for the achievement of the above qualifications.
For a summary of confirmed and planned events go to our event pages.
The Scottish Committee's Action Plan for the continued year can also be viewed here:2021 Action Plan


Get in touch with the local committee e:


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