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The CIHT has helped me to connect with other people in the industry, develop my career and win work for clients who credit the chartered member status.

Joerg Tonndorf, Arup


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CIHT is a great platform to enhance the knowledge in the field of highways and transportation as well as increase my CPD score.

Partha Chakraborty, Jacobs India


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The CIHT is a highly respected membership body for those in transport and engineering professions. It provides a wealth of knowledge and experience, including CPD opportunities, as well as being a mechanism for becoming chartered

Rachel Rombough, RGP


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CIHT is a fantastic organization focusing on technical development and innovation of our profession.

Herve Etave, Arcadis Middle East


CIHT is an excellent professional organisation. It is constantly there and has its finger on the pulse. It is the easiest way to be in touch with the industry.

Camilla Ween, Goldstein Ween Architects


CIHT provides me with excellent industry updates, opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders/experts, wonderful CPD/learning, professional qualification and news/views to latest technology details/discussions.

Sourav De, Atkins India


CIHT is, in my opinion, a highly professional, technical and also a social member focused widely recognized and renowned organisation. I am proud to be part of it.

Umesh Parajuli, Highways England


The networking opportunities and community feeling, professional contacts; positive/prominent position in the industry, with a voice that's heard by Government.

Michael Turley, Colas


The CIHT is an institution that is perfectly aligned to those with an interest / career in Transportation. It is expertly run and organised by a dedicated team who are friendly and inclusive.

Craig Kearney, Atkins 


CIHT stands head and shoulders above all organisations in representing the interests of those involved in the highways and transport sectors. I am very proud to be a member of this outstanding Institution

Mark Stevens, Haringey Council


A vibrant, diverse and forward-thinking institution which addresses the concerns of its members and the general public.

Steven Halsall, Lancashire County Council




As a member of the CIHT, I have been both lucky and grateful to have gained significant experience through excellent CPD events and involvement in the regional South West Committee. CIHT membership has allowed me to broaden my knowledge of the sector, beyond my day-to-day role, and to develop a wider professional network. Since my involvement with CIHT, I have also gained the Chartered Transport Planning Professional (CTPP) accreditation, which is a great recognition of my skills.

Nik Bowyer, AECOM


The membership at any level with CIHT provides you with an opportunity to learn more about the latest trends, developments, research and innovation happening regularly in the Transportation sector by allowing access to CIHT's technical resources, webinars and CPD sessions.

Bhaskar Bendapudi, Jacobs India


The CIHT is very inclusive, has high standards for their membership and professional qualifications. Provides great mentorship and opportunities for members to progress and become involved in the organisation.

Tia Nagi, Waterman Aspen


CIHT membership provided me great opportunities for training and professional growth. The CIHT seminars helped me in networking and knowledge sharing with the people doing the same jobs in the region. The CIHT education team also helped me in taking the clear route to my recently obtained CEng qualification and supported me throughout the process.

Khalil Khan, Public Works Authority (Ashghal)


Since becoming a CIHT member, I have experienced an increase in my career prospects and work opportunities. CIHT have their fingers on the pulse of the transportation industry and this is reflected in their CPD events.

Scott Gallagher, AMEY


Being a member of CIHT is a great opportunity especially in being registered earlier rather than later. It opens a lot of opportunities, technical references and learnings that I could have not experienced if I had not been a member.

Israel Ponce, Ashghal


I have been a CIHT member for over 15 years (and more likely a lot longer)…Membership helps me keep up to date with the latest actions in the industry, innovations and topics of debate.

Faith Martin, TfL



CIHT membership has been a key element in my profession, through the access of professional materials, magazines it has been the most convenient way to keep myself up to date with the industry news and development.

Brijesh Singh, WSP


The membership makes me feel like a key part of being in the transport profession and helps with achieving more recognition in my commitment in the industry.

Veronica Yu, Ministry of Transport and Communications, State of Qatar and the CIHT Qatar Chair


CIHT provide the support I need in the industry. The quality of the online resources on their website has been most beneficial for me.

Damian Francis, Ministry of Public Works


CIHT membership is a great place in which you surround yourself with likeminded people of expertise. It opens a lot of opportunities and lets you meet experienced engineers in the transportation field that  support and guide your career future.

Ismail Dalloul, Public Works Authority (ASHGHAL/PWA)


As a a Freelance Operative / Senior Highways Engineer, being a member of CIHT has helped me gain a lot of lucrative freelance contracts and at the same time gain a wealth of knowledgeable and practical experience.

Geoffrey Gerrard, Matchtech


Professional Review


The process of undertaking professional qualifications with CIHT is very straight forward and rewarding.

Cameron Patterson, Jacobs 


I usually encourage friends to join CIHT if they would like to feel they are a member of a national community. CIHT has a better and more focused approach towards gaining professional qualifications for those working on highway and transportation. Also, there is always a chance of getting involved in institutional activities within the CIHT if they wish to.

Behrooz Saghafi, James Fisher Testing Services


I am extremely happy with the straightforward but professional approach from the CIHT in regard to my IEng application and review. Everyone was friendly and supportive throughout the process which brought out the best in me.

Lucy Nightingale, Kier

The education management team at CIHT have been proactively helpful throughout the Professional Review process. I was given the options to attend webinars on how to achieve the qualification and the tools necessary to attain it, even despite Covid-19.

Jose Nunes dos Santos, Gloucestershire County Council

The value I get from CIHT is substantial. When I recently made queries regarding CEng and IEng, I received advice very quickly.

Kieren Brown, Kieren Brown Transport Planning Ltd


Learned Society


All really engaging presenters, very informative and a great opportunity to network too.

Terry Wilkinson, ACO Technologies PLC


The new webinars that are being offered as part of the COVID-19 lockdown are great. It's good to be able to attend events from other regions which you wouldn't have historically been able to go to.

Timothy Ashley, Vectos

I thought this event was great - a broad range of speakers, with insightful and thought-provoking content.

Charlotte Herridge, WSP

Very insightful presentations all of which offered different points of view.

Benjamin Malin, Solihull Council


Winning New Business


Being a member of CIHT opens many doors and opportunities to network with members.

Lee Robinson, Roofcroft Road Restraint Systems


My affiliation with CIHT served as an additional foundation to secure both short term and permanent assignments with one of the world’s leading engineering design firms.

Afnan Ahmed Junaidi, AECOM


I have been a Freelance Operative / Senior Highways Engineer within the industry for the past 9 years - previously been staff for the last 21 years. Being a member of CIHT as helped me gain a lot of lucrative freelance contracts and at the same time gain a wealth of knowledgeable and practical experience - if I was still on staff employment I would not have had the chance to achieve. This, I believe personally speaking, is because of my membership with CIHT - which I know a highly professional recognized body in the highways sector.

Geoffrey Gerrard, Matchtech


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We run both local and national events that will help you grow your network and build your cpd.


Pursue a qualification with CIHT

We offer a range of qualifications that will fast track your career




Get ahead with CIHT Membership

Join other savvy professionals just like you at CIHT.  We are  committed to fulfilling your professional development needs throughout your career

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