CORE Additive & Road Technologies

In today’s difficult environment of deteriorating infrastructure and limited highway funding, government agencies, asphalt producers and contractors are being challenged to build longer-lasting roads more economically.

CORE has in-depth knowledge of the production and application of bituminous products with 50 years of combined experienced in the European and Global Asphalt Road markets.  Through partnerships across the globe, we provide a wide and growing range of innovative additives for the bituminous roads sector making roads last longer and enabling our customers to differentiate themselves from the competition.  Our additives are designed to enhance asphalt mix quality, improve the ease of pavement construction, and boost its durability.  Combined with our fully equipped lab and expert knowledge we can provide an unrivalled level of technical service for our customers.

CORE’s additive range includes surfactants for the production of bitumen emulsions, adhesion promotors and workability aids for asphalt, waxes, and special crumb rubber for asphalt modification, recycled and re-refined flux oils, vegetable based rejuvenating oils, as well as additives to suppress emissions and odours from bitumen and asphalt.  Our extensive selection of additives is the solution for longer lasting roads as they protect pavements from moisture induced damage such as ravelling, rutting and pothole formation, allowing motorists to enjoy better ride quality.

CORE’s experienced team of professionals works alongside our customers, helping them to improve product quality, optimise performance, solve problems, and increase operational efficiency and profitability.


CORE Additive Technologies

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David Needham, Business Manager Additive Technologies