UKTram Limited

Providing a ‘single voice’ for light rail, UKTram works tirelessly to support its members while driving a bold vision for the future of the sector.

Promoting the wider benefits of tramways, metros and other similar mass transit systems, UKTram is also at the forefront of many initiatives that aim to remove the barriers to future expansion. This includes the development of a landmark strategy for the future of light rail in the UK, which is available for download on the UKTram website.

As a not-for-profit membership body, it represents light rail and ‘other guided transport’ systems in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man. This includes second-generation tram systems, metros and subways (excluding London Underground) and heritage tramways.

In 2018 UKTram also established the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board which draws on experience and expertise from across the sector.

Bringing together all aspects of light rail safety within one organisation, it provides a central resource where colleagues can access the latest guidance and standards documentation. It also works closely with statutory organisations such as the Office of Rail and Road on a host of initiatives to help reduce the risk of accidents or other harmful incidents.

This includes the further development of a comprehensive Tramway Accident and Incident Reporting (TAIR) system and the development of effective risk models and profiles for individual networks and the wider sector. Further information about the LRSSB, and its comprehensive reference library, can be found at

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