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Latest Resources

Digital Data Technology - Partners Forum

5 May 2022

Technology, data and digital are fast becoming part of everyone’s job and the speed at which technology advances means it is crucial to have the necessary skills and understanding of data and digital tools or methods.


Carbon - Partners Forum

10 March 2022

We are all working towards set targets for specific time periods and are acutely aware of the growing evidence and need for urgency to address our individual and collective carbon footprints.


Digital Twins - Partners Forum

14 December 2021

Establishing some clarity on the outcomes expected from digital twins, what the needs of the end user are and how assessments will be done, will all help to create a shared vision for the sector and encourage collaboration on creating a foundation that works for all.


Infrastructure Insight : Digital Transformation in Action

10 June 2021

Sponsored by Autodesk

Mark Robson, Customer Success Manager for Autodesk and Hugo Blanco Alvarez, Civil Engineer for Osbourne share their experience of using technology to keep a busy stretch of motorway safe and operational throughout the five-year maintenance project while delivering rigorous, efficient quality and safety controls.


Shared Spaces - Meet the Speakers Discussion

16 September 2021

Streets must be inclusive for all and consider how those with disabilities can navigate them. Streets must be, and feel, safe as well as fulfil the wider aims for both social and economic well-being.


Safety & Collaboration - Partners Forum

13 July 2021

Having standards and guidance is positive, but is there the danger that they create a ‘that will do’ attitude and we stop short of achieving all the potential positive outcomes?


Mobility / Technology - Partners Forum

8 June 2021

Transport needs to be considered as a holistic system, not as sequential or separate elements.  New technologies create a window of opportunity to move towards a more integrated transport system and the growth in data use, will lead to changes in and beyond the transport sector.


Delivering on ED&I: Realising the business benefits

18 May 2021

Financial performance is no longer the only demonstration of success and there is an expectation from regulators to see rapid progress in the field of diversity and inclusion.


Decarbonisation - Partners Forum

13 April 2021

With the challenge for the UK to achieve its net zero by 2050 target, it is clear there must be a step change in carbon emission reductions across all sectors.


Delivering Social Value - Partners Forum

9 February 2021

As an industry we need a more sophisticated understanding of different types of value, including social value, to be better able to assess and effectively delivery public contracts.


Mainstreaming Diversity and Inclusion

September 2020

Numbers are not everything and diversity is not just about gender.


Resetting the Skills Agenda

June 2020

Having a strategy for ensuring that we have enough people with the right skill sets to drive the sector forward post-Covid19, is vital to the sustainability and global competitiveness of the sector.


A Guide to Rapid Return to Service Systems

Produced by Fosroc

With increasing pressure to minimise downtime and avoid disruption to service, this webinar focuses on products and systems that allow essential maintenance to be completed within a small operational window, allowing a quick return to normal service. Product types covered in the webinar include concrete repair, joint sealants, waterproofing and protective coatings. Key systems are illustrated by Case Studies and there is an analysis of cost and environmental benefits.

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