8 February 2023, 17:00-18:00 -

CIHT Cymru Wales - THINK: Transport and Health Integrated Research Network

CIHT Cymru Wales is delighted to host this webinar with Aberystwyth University and Public Health Wales to introduce THINK: Transport and Health Integrated Research Network. THINK has been created to bring together people working in transport and health from policy, practice and academia, developing skills, experience and knowledge, generating new practice-orientated research and getting research into practice.


We will introduce the different themes that THINK focuses on in transport and health and some of the methods we are using to develop a community of practice in transport and health involving various stakeholders, which the audience are welcome to join. We will present three case study projects of research and policy development the core THINK team is involved in to highlight the work we’re involved in and to give an insight into transport and health.

  • Charles Musselwhite will present “Transport and Health in a Rural Context”; a theme of work THINK has around how rurality might change the relationship between transport and health.

  • Sarah Jones will present the rationale for the links between transport and health and place this in the context of the change to the default speed limit in Wales in September 2023 to 20mph. 

  • Lucy Baker will present: ‘Gender+ Bus: tackling harassment, sexual harassment and violence against women for a gender-inclusive bus service in Wales and the UK’. 

Why you can't miss the event?

  • Fantastic CPD opportunity
  • Collaborative opportunities through THINK
  • Q&A Session and discussion around the subject - get your questions answered by those directly involved

Who is the event for?

Transport planners, engineers and urban designers, third sector – policy and research, health professionals. Interests in making changes to built environment, urban design, transport infrastructure and services to have a positive impact on public (and individual) health and wellbeing.


Dr Lucy Baker
Lucy is a human geographer and post-doctoral researcher on the THINK team based at Aberystwyth University. Lucy’s research examines the governance and practice of mobilities and transportation with a focus on social justice and urban development. The Gender+ Bus project, led by Lucy, seeks to improve women’s passenger experiences and their access to buses with implications for gender equality, and women's mobility and wellbeing.

Dr Sarah Jones
Sarah is a Consultant in Environmental Public Health with Public Health Wales. Sarah has over 25 years experience in road safety research and practice, with particular interests in 20mph as a public health intervention, Graduated Driver Licensing and in all cases, how inequalities influence road traffic injury risk. Sarah is a co-director of the Transport and Health Integrated Network (THINK).

Professor Charles Musselwhite
Charles is a Professor of Psychology at Aberystwyth University, co-Director of the Transport and Health Research Network (THINK), co-Director of the University’s Centre for Transport and Mobility (CeTraM) and co-Director of the Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research (CADR). Charles is Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier’s Journal Transport and Health Section Editor for Cogent Gerontology and on the editorial board for Age Cymru’s EnvisAGE and Elsevier’s Research in Transportation Business & Management journals. His research involves applying psychology to understanding and improving people’s mobility including relationships between the built environment and transportation and health and wellbeing. In particular, he has expertise in environmental gerontology, examining relationships between environment and health in later stages of life, including older people’s road user safety, giving-up driving, reducing isolation and loneliness and creating age friendly neighbourhoods and communities.

Amy Nicholass
Amy is an environmental scientist and experienced project manager and network facilitator with a interest in collaboration, complex systems and co-production.

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8 February 2023, 17:00-18:00 -

CIHT Cymru Wales - THINK: Transport and Health Integrated Research Network


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