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This award celebrates the contribution of transport to the health of the population.

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Award Supported by City Science

City Science was established to make a credible change in addressing climate change.  We are passionate about effective data-led problem solving to evidence and deliver thriving communities that facilitate safe, pleasant and integrated active travel, supported by efficient zero emission public transport, freight and servicing.  



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The science of our cities - Laurence Oakes-Ash, founder and CEO of City Science

Big Data is all around us - but what use is it if our roads are still congested, our cities crowded, our air polluting. How can we make meaningful change using insights from data?

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The Shortlist


Highly Commended

Enjoy Waltham Forest


Waltham Forest is a diverse and vibrant place and is consequentially growing faster than any other London borough. To ensure this is sustainable, since 2014 £50million, including £27million of ‘Mini-Holland’ funding from TfL has been invested to improve infrastructure and encourage a modal shift from private car to walking and cycling. The resulting ‘Enjoy Waltham Forest’ programme focuses on a range of infrastructural and behaviour change initiatives to ensure freedom, choice and healthier lifestyles for both novice and experienced cyclists and pedestrians alike.


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New Malden to Raynes Park Link


New Malden and Raynes Park, two neighbouring centres in South West London are separated by a busy dual-carriageway and were difficult to move between on foot or by bicycle. This new link, designed in collaboration with the local community, created a whole new green public space re-connecting the two communities, significantly reducing travel times and enabling people to travel in a healthy, active way along a wholly traffic free path within a beautiful environment.

Developed sensitively to avoid impacting wildlife, the project is already stimulating active travel, creating healthier communities and putting “smiles on their faces”.

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Solihull School Streets


Solihull MBC had run a variety of initiatives over many years to increase the number of families travelling to school by walking, cycling or scooting but with limited success. It was agreed that a different and innovative approach was needed.

Solihull School Streets promotes active travel by creating a predominantly traffic-free zone. Restrictions prevent parents and other road users driving in, out or around an exclusion zone during restriction times. Benefits have been a sharp reduction in the number of children being driven to school and an increase in the number of families travelling actively to school.

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Highly Commended

Go Cycle Kingston Town Centre


Since its inception Kingston Go Cycle has delivered a remarkable step change in the quality of cycling and pedestrian facilities in Kingston town centre. More people are choosing to use active modes of travel to reach and cross the town centre, supporting healthier, less car dependent lifestyles. The schemes have transformed local access to shops, places of work and other facilities in the historic town core, reducing severance and traffic speeds. As the population of Kingston grows, high quality, safe cycling and pedestrian facilities are in place to ensure that healthy forms of travel are a realistic and popular option.

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Mini-Hollands Programme


Transport for London’s Mini-Holland Progamme has completely changed the conversation around walking and cycling in car-dominated urban areas. By focusing spending in Outer London boroughs with high levels of car use Mini-Hollands has shown that it is possible to completely transform the way people think about their streets, making walking and cycling the priority. Enabling people to choose active travel is having a transformational impact on the health of residents, with studies already showing that the changes to their streets are encouraging people to walk and cycle more, bringing them all the health benefits that come with increased physical activity.

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Shropshire Daily Mile Tracks


Shropshire Council’s Learning & Skills Group received an Healthy Pupils Capital Fund (HPCF) grant for ‘Daily Mile’ tracks. Of the total grant, £105k was set aside for ‘Daily Mile’ tracks, equating to only £6,500 per track.

Shropshire Council’s Highways Team, WSP and Kier (and the supply chain) worked collaboratively to provide significant savings in costs and efficiency by linking the construction of the tracks to the highway maintenance programme, effectively using old roads to build new tracks. This provided most of the material for the project at no additional cost.

The project team decided to offer their services for free through WSP’s employee volunteering scheme.

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