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This award celebrates how outstanding design and implementation of schemes in towns and cities improve the places around them.

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The Shortlist


Highly Commended

Charter Square


This is a truly multi-functional project, aiming to increase the efficiency of the highway network whilst creating a green healthy corridor for sustainable movement, urban biodiversity and people, We want these projects to become show cases for what urban streets and spaces can become from protecting pedestrians from air pollution though multi-layered planting, achieving urban cooling through increased tree planting, treat contaminated highway water, and promoting health and wellbeing. But, in addition, a key aspect is that this truely inspirational multifunctional project would become a stimulus and catalyst for further inward investment in the area – a real economic benefit too.

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Highbury Corner London


Highbury Corner has been transformed from one of London’s most intimidating roundabouts into a people-friendly interchange with a brand-new public space. The project was delivered by an integrated Transport for London and Ringway Jacobs team from the initial concept design through to implementation. Key challenges included balancing place and movement function and implementing the scheme in a congested, highly constrained location. The scheme was opened by the Mayor of London in October 2019 and demonstrates road-space reallocation can be used effectively to establish a renewed sense of place, enhance the environment and readdress the balance towards more sustainable travel choices.

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Lea Bridge Road, Waltham Forest

Lea Bridge Road has been modernised with a £17 million investment to transform this key road into an attractive destination for all, with new public spaces, improved cycling and walking routes, and reductions in bus journey times. It is one of three east-west routes linking our residents to central London, running from Whipps Cross Roundabout in the east to the borough border with Hackney in the west, and is heavily used with around 30,000 vehicles and 1,500 cyclists per day. There are 452 businesses on or near Lea Bridge Road, alongside schools and places of worship, and ten bus routes.

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Northgate Scheme


The Northgate Scheme has fundamentally changed the look and feel of the historic gateway to Warwick Town Centre which was dominated by vehicles. Northgate is now a functional space accessible to everyone and providing connectivity to the surrounding community. Its inclusive design is complementing the Georgian character of the area with high quality materials in keeping with the historic setting. This scheme, which is the only one of its kind in the County, is also helping to address climate change by incorporating areas of planting and retrofitting sustainable drainage systems in an old town centre environment.

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